UPDATE: Federal authorities defend Tennessee mosque

From One News Now:

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Federal attorneys have jumped into a court battle over the construction of a Tennessee mosque by arguing that Islam is a recognized religion entitled to constitutional protection.

U.S. Attorney Jerry E. Martin of Nashville said on Monday that his office would not sit by while mosque opponents raise questions in court about whether Islam is a recognized religion. Martin said in a statement that to suggest otherwise “is quite simply ridiculous.”
Martin’s office filed a brief saying as much in a state lawsuit brought by mosque opponents against Rutherford County for granting permission for construction of the building.
Mosque opponents are challenging whether the county acted properly in granting the construction permit.

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4 Replies to “UPDATE: Federal authorities defend Tennessee mosque”

  1. Van Grungy what the the federal government is doing is constitutional as they are support the mosque against Islamistoprobic racist who claim Islam isnot than valid religion. Islam is than over 1400 year old religion that have close to 2 billion member worldwide includion 12 to 15 million in america.

  2. Hey moron. It’s not JUST a mosque.

    And NO, islam is not a valid religion. It is a country. The qu’ran is islam’s constitution, shariah is islam’s law

    The American constitution is not a suicide pact, dipshit

    The Feds have no business having an opinion at all

  3. I guess that the point that Barren-Zeibibah is trying to make is that it’s perfectly OK for the Buraq Hussein administration to do something equivalent to, during World War II, the British government throwing its full support behind the construction of SS barracks and Nazi air bases on British soil. Not that such a project was ever proposed back then, or that anyone would ever have dared to ask the British government for that (at that time, that is, because present-day Britain is a whole different story), but that a US government is actually doing something exactly like that speaks volumes about how far the islamophilic madness is threatening America.

    While Europe is finally waking up almost a bit too late to the mahoundian threat, I wonder if it will take another 9/11 or the creation of too many sharia enclaves, like mahoundian ghettos in Europe, for this whole inshallah-surrender to stop. I’d like to hope it won’t.

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