Prosecution wants Wilders to be released of charges against him

Apparently, Dutch prosecution wants charges against Wilders dropped as ‘comparing Koran to Mein Kampf does not directly insult Muslims.’

Now we get a chance to see if this really is political. If the charges are not dropped even after the prosecution wants it gone, then we really know something about the Dutch government.

More here at GOV

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5 Replies to “Prosecution wants Wilders to be released of charges against him”

  1. The real question is, Is the government willing to continue the trial and prove it was a political show trial from day one? The answer will depend on how strong the current leadership feels.

  2. That is part of the Marxist tactics, make wild accusations and then drop them once the investigation starts, if you make enough some of the mud will stick.

  3. I like your description, but after they turn off that pot, they turn on another and throw more at their target, a lot of real good people have been driven out of public life buy their lies.

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