Yet more Islamic terror suspects in Canada. MSA’s deny connection with Islam…

Although all the men wanted were in fact, members of the U of M Muslim Students Assn’s.

Here is the link. Click “read this article” and search for MSA or Muslim Students Association.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if just once, these Muslim groups would say something like: “Oh we are working very hard with the police to help them catch these men and anyone who thinks like them. We deeply regret that they were using the religion of Islam in this way and we shall work doubly hard to earn respect in Canada and elsewhere to show that Islam can be a welcome and vital part of any community”

Or just anything other than the usual apologetics we are so sick of.

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5 Replies to “Yet more Islamic terror suspects in Canada. MSA’s deny connection with Islam…”

  1. Another group of muslim pricks who were allowed to live in a modern benevolent society and boom! they want to kill us and our children.

    Islam is vile.

  2. “it’s not us we are sooo peace loving, that is not Islam”. I am sick of hearing the same denial over and over again from some clown in a dirty nightshirt. Most of us aren’t buying their BS at all. If they don’t approve of the actions of their religious brethren, the silence of the Muslim community makes them look very suspicious.

  3. The Moslems are forbidden to condemn any Moslem to infidels, welcome to the world of Islam, they do what they want and we die.

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