Exploring the impulse of the new ‘environmentalists’

Here is a clip to which I added my thoughts fore and aft. Mostly aft. And yes, I broke the cardinal rule of not comparing things to Hitler because, well i did compare this mentality to Hitlers. I think it was fair in the context I meant it however. Many Utopians left unchecked and given enough slack tend to slaughter people in the millions to create utopias. Environmentalists are just a flavour of leftist and like communists before them, are sufficiently confident that they are right that they are ready to go farther and farther into the freedoms and rights of others to achieve their particular, and often misanthropic, utopias.

For a really good article on this clip as it was without my additions, please click here to Info-Wars.

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2 Replies to “Exploring the impulse of the new ‘environmentalists’”

  1. The left is a fitting heir to Hitler, they are willing to kill anyone to achieve their goals, this film simply shows they are getting close to taking the gloves off and being very bloody in their quest to rule us.

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