Stunning French video of the Islamification of England.

I don’t know which is more shocking. This footage of how Muslims have taken over parts of London and enforced the sharia against British laws, or the fact that this was done by a French media outlet when Paris is as bad or worse.

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4 Replies to “Stunning French video of the Islamification of England.”

  1. All of Europe is in this shape, I have been expecting massive riots and once they manage to get firearms pitched battles between the Europeans and the Moslems. This hasn’t happened yet but it is coming, and probably faster then anyone thinks.

  2. Its interesting that French media can be perceptive about Islam elsewhere when its in denial about its own problems. It is the same in the UK, the liberal media can be horrified be what’s happening in France, with honest reporting, and with usually a sense of smugness as to how well multiculturalism is working over here.

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