Muslims historically have burned Quorans when it was tactically wise.

When I watch this clip I am reminded of how the UN-OIC published a cartoon of a Pig-Mohamed to try and show how awful ‘Islamophobia’ was, and when Tundra Tabloids pointed out the brutal hypocrisy of it, that it was perfectly fine to show blasphemy when it advantaged Islam, while when a Non-Muslim publishes one of these drawings it results in riots, death threats and occasionally actual murders.

Here we see that burning a Quoran is just fine unless infidels do it. It means why ‘kufaar’s have forgotten our places and must be punished. In any case, its fun to watch this large American force these Muslims to change their position so fast.

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  1. I knew the material but I did not know the dates. Good video and a lot of fun for all concerned at the speaker’s corner in London.

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