6 men in the UK have been arrested for making this video

Last I checked, blasphemy is not illegal in the UK.

Clearly any attempt to charge them with ‘racial hatred’ in this context is nothing more than a new ‘taqiyya’ way of reintroducing blasphemy laws. Welcome to the dark ages.

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4 Replies to “6 men in the UK have been arrested for making this video”

  1. Let us hope more koran burnings take place. The police can not catch everyone. It is about property rights Mr Rauf. Koran is a the property of the people who bought it and who can now dispose of it as they like. Good on the lads of Gateshead! They are the flower of British youth. Unafraid and joyful.

  2. ACP Well said! And I have a plan to that effect. I need a Koran and some other supplies and I plan to make an instructional video on Koran burning in a way that will be, I hope, more effective as well as more poignant perhaps.

  3. It is really surprising how our Police and our Government is involved in this. They could not be arrested in a free country for doing this. They sure as hell would not have been arrested if they burned the Bible or a book from the Dalai Lama….
    When is enough, enough? How much more must we take? Oh and yes this is only the beginning.
    Good luck to those brave young men.

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