Pakistan: Savage mob brutally murders two boys while watching crowd does nothing

From The Daily Mail U.K.

Video of lynch mob killing two teenage brothers sparks mass demonstrations across Pakistan

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:00 PM on 22nd August 2010

A horrifying video of a crowd watching a mob beat two teenage brothers to death has sparked mass demonstrations in Pakistan.

The video, broadcast on Pakistani news channels, shows a lynch mob taking turns to savagely beat the two boys with sticks, drawing blood from them before dragging and hanging their dead bodies from a nearby pole.

But perhaps just as shocking is that none of the dozens of people and police watching tried to stop the vicious attack.

Left to hang: The brothers' dead bodies were hung from poles after a mob, believing them to be robbers, beat them to death with sticksLeft to hang: The brothers’ dead bodies were hung from poles after a mob, believing them to be robbers, beat them to death with sticks

It is now thought the boys, who were on their way to play cricket in Sialkot, an eastern Punjab province, may have been mistaken for robbers by the group who decided to deliver brutal justice for their supposed crime last Sunday.

The scenes have outraged Pakistanis, some who are questioning how their society could passively watch the shocking killings without intervening.
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The News, an English-language daily newspaper, wrote: ‘Is this what we are? Savages? So utterly bereft of a speck of humanity that a crowd of ordinary men are passive spectators to public murder?’

The government has responded to the attack after civic groups condemned the killings and youths held demonstrations.

As details have emerged authorities appear increasingly confident the two boys – Moiz Butt, 17, and his brother Muneeb, 15 – were innocent.

The two went to play cricket after praying and eating breakfast, carrying a bag with them containing game equipment, said Mujahid Sherdil, a top government official in the district.

Outraged and anguished: A group of youths hold a demonstration to condemn the killing of the two brothers by a lynch mobOutraged and anguished: A group of youths hold a demonstration to condemn the killing of the two brothers by a lynch mob

They were sons of a middle-class man who deals in fabric for soccer balls. Moiz was honoured with the title ‘Hafiz’ for having memorized the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

An armed robbery had taken place in the vicinity of the cricket field so residents were on alert and police were nearby.

When the boys appeared with a bag they were thought to be the robbers Mr Sherdil said.

He added, however, that more information was still being sought.

The boys were believed to have been in fights over the past few days for the right to play on the cricket ground, which was about a mile from their home.

Stations showing the video blurred out some of the more graphic images of the boys’ bloodied bodies, but several faces in the crowd are clearly identifiable, including several police officers in uniform who watched.

Punjab province Police Chief Tariq Saleem said the government has ordered two separate inquiries into the killings.

‘This incident is highly condemnable, especially in the police presence,’ Saleem said after visiting the boys’ family. ‘All accused, including police, will be arrested soon.’

Calling for justice: A group of Pakistani youths have demanded justice for the two beaten teenagersCalling for justice: A group of Pakistani youths have demanded justice for the two beaten teenagers

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik visited the family of the two boys Sunday in Sialkot and issued an appeal for citizens to come forward with evidence to help the

He said at least 10 suspects have been arrested, including four police officers.

Malik criticised the spectating police officers’ lack of action, saying they should have at least fired their guns in the air to disperse the crowd.

He also said the disgusted nation are baying for the mob’s blood.

‘It is not the kind of incident any civilized society can afford,’ he said. ‘The whole of Pakistan wants the people involved to be punished. And we are getting demands
from the nation that they should be hanged at the very place where they murdered the two brothers.’

The brothers’ killings came as Pakistan’s government is reeling from other crises, including the worst flooding in decades. The calamity appears to have further eroded confidence in the government.

One newspaper commentator Ghazi Salahuddin wrote that the Sialkot attack and the desperation of the poor caught in the floods that have ravaged the country are “rooted in the potential inability of the state to protect and look after the citizens.’

‘These things are possible because the successive ruling elites do not really love Pakistan,’ he wrote.

‘They have never loved this country and the present government does not deserve to be blamed more for its lapses than the previous ones.’

Over the past two years, police and even soldiers have been caught on video beating suspects. In 2008, in two separate incidents in less than a week, crowds set fire to suspected robbers in the southern city of Karachi.

In the first incident, a picture of men lying like logs in a fire made the front pages of newspapers.

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  1. the son of bitcccheeess who made these videos and the low lives that were watching when this happened they all should get tied up and experience the same beating
    this is to raw pakistan deserves what is coming to it floods and earthquakes the lot

  2. hi there to all, i’ve read all the comments above and think that you are a little over board on the religious side of things. Islam has never been spread by violance or supported violance, before the time of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) this is what the world was what we see today around us, the teachings of the quran and sunna put people straight fro a very long time. During the crusades when Jeruslam was taken by the crusaders every muslim was slaughtered, blood was flowing like rivers as discrbed in history but in return when Salahuddin and the mislim army at the time taken control of Jeruslam did they return the favour??? NO!!! They were true muslims who followed the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the Quran. A true Muslim will never hurt and innocent man, woman or child, the first law of war was and is that you may not harm a farmer working in his field, a mother with her child, only raise arms against those who raise arms against you!! A strong beliver will follow his religons teachings till the day he dies, he will live, eat, sleep his religion like the true muslims did who did rule the world till not long ago, and even then when they did rule the world were people not allowed to practice there religion??? THEY WERE. I am a British Muslim and have grown to know that one is innocent till proven guilty, so why do the entire nation of Afganistan suffer?? Did the man who works farming his land and making clay pots for a living drop the trade buildings in 9/11?? or was that the mother that was killed whilst feeding her child?? You wonder why the wars in the east get more and more intense ….. I ask ‘What would you do if you was 12 years of age and seen your mother and sisters getting raped, father and brothers being killed for trying to earn a living?? YOU ARE CREATING ‘SO CALLED TERRORISTS’ ……. An entire country punished for a hand full of peoeples mistake is tha what we call peace?? Religion, be it any will not teach violance, only ignorance will bring vilance, the world is not fighting for religion but power and domination!!

    The two boys killed in Pakistan, had they been well known two boys with alot of power would the those cowards have ever thought about beating them to death?? NO!!

    A comment above stated that Pakistan is the only country in the world created after religion, I disagree, England do they not follow the Church of England?? Isreal, only for Jews?? these are just two examples, what i will say is ‘Do not blame others (religions) for yours and your neighbours wrong doings, start taking responsibility and amke the world a better place’

  3. How can people just stand around when two innocent KIDS are being killed. May Allah make the two kids to get in a good place in heaven, and the killers to rot in hell. And anyways, how can you do this in the month of ramadan.

  4. Exodus 21:20-21

    When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property

    God is a great judge after all. And western values are driven perhaps from these examples. Am i right in saying that Mr. Kaffir.

    No, there is nothing like western or eastern values. It is human values to which every human race has contributed which we cherish.

  5. itni zalim tareqe se jin jin logo ne in masoom bachcho ko maara he me aur mjh se juda har insaan jo ki insaniyat ko janta he har namaz aur hr waqt allah paak se bheek mangte he k ae allah teri laathi to beawaz hoti he aur har us insan jis ne in dono bachcho ko itni berehmi se pita allah aap unhe aise barbaad karna aur jab tak maut na dena jab tak wo chikh chikh ke maut na mange unhe tab tak maut na aaye unke jism ka har hissa jab tak sad gal na jae us me kide na pad jae tab tak aap unhe maut na dena,aur jitni taklif un bchcho ko hui he allah us se 10000000 guna zyada wo har insaan tadap tadap ke mare,aur ae mere allah un ka bhi dastane maut duniya ke saamne lana,ya allah unhe kabhi na bakhshna,ya allah unhe nesto nabud kar dena,ya allah unke jism ka wo haal karna ke puri duniya dekhe k tu jab qehar barsata he to kya hota he.AMIIIINNNNNNNNN.

  6. ya allaah……………. who did this sinse dontgive eny mercy .
    allah pls panish them.newer itwill not happen in futer.this two guys and hs family mustbe in heven……..this rmdan we will prey for them…..

  7. this two guys came from fajr prey and they hving fasting also …………. allahu willnot leve this people……………
    final judjment is very baad……….

  8. kaffar:Even in the so called Western Civilization death condoned if the court of law prescribes it for a criminal.Was it the muslims or Islam who tried to crucify Islam’s prophet Essa Jesus Christ?At that time there was no Islam.LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS VIDEO IS TOTALLY UN ISLAMIC BECUASE IN ISLAM YOU CANNOT HURT SOME ONE EVEN WITH YOUR TONGUE AND THE WAY THE DEAD BODIES ARE THIS RESPECTED HERE IS TOTALLY NOT ALOWED IN ISLAM.



  10. this whole story disgusts me. how can not 1 person in that crowd not try and stop it or say that’s enough.
    they are killing there own kind instead of letting the police involved.
    they think they can get away with it because of there religion.
    makes me feel so angry towards Muslims just watching the video.

  11. I am so disgusted at Pakistanis. The way they killed these two brothers is so heartless and the crowd is watching…as a matter of fact enjoying seeing these two young boys literally dying. Disgusting. How can you have peace from the outside world when in your world (Pakistan ) muslim brother is killing his muslim brother? You are killing each other, hurting each other, looting each other and how can you even blame others coming into your country and hurting your Pakistanis? ABSURD! The lives of the boys’ family members will never be the same and can you imagine how that mother feels who carried the boys nine months in her womb? I am so disgusted and ashamed to be a muslim. Islam is not the religion of brutality and just imagine what we are showing to the rest of the world..whatever is happening in Pakistan is what we deserve. We asked for it through the wrong deeds that the Holy Koran condems. Laanat he pakistani logo pe.

  12. All we keep hearing are the words about peaceful Pakistan – but all we see is violence murders and assassinations, when will this blood lust end?

  13. These are muslims killing their own children… what do you expect from them. Pakistan meh itni taqleef he, khuda ka azaab he yeh. This incident has really broken my heart like it has done for the other people, but what Pakistan is going through these days, I do not feel sorry for them. With these kinds of acts they do not deserve any empathy. These were muslims beating the brothers to death and more inhumane are the ones who were watching…I would say shame on them. Men have been known to be defendents, protectors – this makes me wonder if these were really men or hijles of pakistan……so sad. And they say namaz 5 times – no point ……

  14. this is an act of bad human nature. not the religion. im not Muslim but i can say its a very peaceful religion which i have come to really appreciate. after actually STUDYING it. please don’t stereotype. learn about something then say.

  15. wtf u guys r really blaming Pakistanis? see what’s happened to those poor people over so many years. feel their pain and you will realise how much they put up with. yes what happened to those brothers is wrong. but don’t blame my Pakistan. learn about the government and you will realise its not the people. Pakistan is beautiful and so are the people. they are the only people i know that actually truly take pride in their religion and culture e.g. their clothes.
    i pray much deserved good happens to Pakistan, they’ve waited long enough.

  16. Pakistan is a beautiful place but here we are not talking about the geographical part of Pakistan. We are talking about the human behavior in Pakistan. It does not matter how the Govenment is, these were the PEOPLE of Pakistan actually watching these brothers being beaten to death. Have you any idea how these boys must have felt and then being hanged like slaughtered goats? Have you any idea how the parents must have felt? You have no freaking idea and you are talking about Pakistan is beautiful! This incident has made Pakistan look ugly no matter how good it looked. What religion you are talking about? These were muslims who killed their own two muslim children! You do not have to be a hindu, muslim or christain, you have to be HUMAN which these people who were enjoying the death of these children were NOT. Its disgusting! Muslims are already labled as terrorists now Pakistanis are murderers. When muslim brothers really feel nothing in killing their muslim brothers and children, what are they going to feel killing others? Nothing. And culture – you mean clothes? See how women dress these days in Lahore, Karachi????? What part of the world you live in and you call “my Pakistan” Sorry but you have no idea what you are talking! Hafiz-e-Khuda

  17. These peoples are really stupid…, See there mind was fully filled with shit., They are not an true muslim…, How horrible they are killing those kids in front of all. They all are changing to ancient time Beast. Killing and eating the own peoples. For sure we are going to see more than this

    Pakistanis are great!!!!!!!!

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