Once again the CBC shows contempt and scorn for Canada and democracy

The people at the CBC have crossed the line clean into treason at this point. They have assisted the people at Wikileaks, people who have published documents that will get many Afghans killed who cooperate with Western forces, Documents that are classified and now are in the enemies hands, CBC has actually indexed them for easier viewing and perusing. At least in terms of Canada’s participation. How is this not being a spy for the enemy? Why is the CBC or at least the people who are responsible for this post, not on trial for treason?

H/T Fred at GAR as well as Cjunk even if I do think they are being overly harsh on Harper. Stephen did in fact improve conditions for the Canadian military a great deal, undoing a lot of the damage from Chretien and Trudeau’s near obliteration of the Canadian military as a meaningful institution, and the Harper government continues to improve the equipment and resources available to our fine men in uniform.

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  1. Candians must elect the Conservastives to be in the majority if we can ever hope of ridding ourselves of this grotesques communications monster; theCBC in english and the SRC in french.

    Sadly, Canadians really do not give a damn. If the sky was full of falling muslims with parachutes, as long as the Canadians have their health care, they could not give a damn about jumping on a prayer rug 4 times a day.

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