Proof that the new UK Government is grovelling to Islamists

From Douglas Murray, The Telegraph

I have just been forwarded an email from the UK government which suggests that the new administration does not merely feel blackmailed by Islamists but is also actively trying to placate them.

The Research Information and Communications Unit (RICU) is jointly funded and run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office and the department of Communities and Local Government. Founded in 2007, it officially forms part of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism. It is the main conduit for Government in dealing with the disparate mass that it thinks of as “the Muslim community”.
Late yesterday the RICU sent out this message to its email list:

Dear all,

Both the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary made statements in the House of Commons today regarding the Israeli Navy’s interception of the Aid Flotilla to Gaza, and the subsequent deaths of a number of passengers. The attached factsheet provides details of these statements and further background and facts surrounding this incident.

We encourage you to share this unrestricted document with your contacts.

As ever we would appreciate your feedback on the format, content and timing of this document as well as suggestions on issues you would like it to cover. Please email …. with comments or if you would like to subscribe.
Kind regards,

Head, News Coordination Team


And what is it that it wishes its Muslim recipients to “share” with all their “contacts”? The attachment in question quotes at length the lamentable statements on the Gaza flotilla incident from David Cameron and William Hague. In case any aggravated Islamist isn’t yet getting this, RICU is at pains to reiterate in its “KEY POINTS”:

The UK Government deeply deplores the loss of life during the interception of the flotilla.
The UK Government believes that Israel now bears a responsibility to provide a full account of what occurred. The UK Government agrees with EU partners and the UN Security Council that there must be a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation or inquiry in to these events.
The UK Government believes that this week’s events underline the need to find a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to the problem of Gaza.
And so on…

There is only one reason why this email was sent out: the British government is attempting to placate Muslim pressure groups in the UK by saying, “Look at us, you’re not going to catch us being soft on Israel, we’re as furious and condemning as you are.”
As it happens, various Muslim groups in Britain wrote to the Government before this communication, calling for it to condemn Israel. Our new Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have taken their hint and issued a set of ignorant and pusillanimous statements attacking Israel’s right to defend herself by preventing the importing of arms into the terrorist-run state of Gaza. Our politicians have decided that instead of condemining terror they will condemn those dealing with terror. Most Orwellian of all, our own Office for Security and Counter Terrorism is being used to boast about this line in an attempt to placate activist Islamic groups.

What was Winston Churchill’s definition of an appeaser again? “One who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” When will the Conservative/Liberal government realise that this crocodile will not eat them last, but next?

5 Replies to “Proof that the new UK Government is grovelling to Islamists”

  1. So this is news?

    The Muslim population of the UK has skyrocketed from less than 600,000 to over 5 million in less than 20 years with the UK government and local governments caving in to their incessant demands daily.

    School boards don’t teach about the Holocuast for fear of “offending” Muslims who would like nothing better than to repeat it. Bar owners have to sell their businesses because of Muslim pressure (OK it was only one, for now). Cab drivers refuse to allow service dogs in their vehicles and aren’t charged with discrimination.

    The list goes on and on with no end in sight until the UK will truly become Britainistan.

    Where is Queen Elizabeth the First and Churchill when you need them?

    May the EDL prevail.

  2. “The UK Government agrees with EU partners and the UN Security Council that there must be a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation or inquiry in to these events.”

    I won’t be holding my breath on this one.

  3. The only way to protect the world from british islamists is for other countries to demand a visa from anyone travelling from england.

  4. This is the result of years of Liberalism. It’s about time the electorate in all of the Western countries embracing individual freedom, liberty, and culture tossed out these whining, apologist, spineless, butt kissing, lapdog, poor excuses for elected representatives. They have sold us out, we’ve been had, by the very elected politicians sworn to protect us and keep us safe. The more they bow to the demands of the hard cases who boss the Muslim community the more they will take and demand. Give them one inch and they demand a mile. The situation is getting out of hand in many of our beloved nations. If the elected officials fail to see or acknowledge the severity of the situation, turmoil and civil unrest are sure to follow. THESE WIMP POLITICIANS MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

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