1. I’m sick to my stomach. I’m sitting here wanting to say something but I’ve said it all before in different blogs and different forums. I have a feeling our democracy won’t help us and is in fact working against us in a situation like this. A democracy will only work if everyone chips in to make it work. Our enrichers make it work for them. Slowly, I think we may need a benevolent despot like Peter the Great of Russia. Desperate situations need desperate measures.

  2. I feel enriched and diversified.

    People keep voting for the parties that do this, what do you expect is going to happen?
    The BNP is gaining ground, just you wait until the middle classes start feeling the pressure.

    Maybe democracy has a shelf life, and this is the end of it, there’s nothing that says it’s the best social system, it’s certainly beginning to show it’s age.

    What groans beneath the Punic curse, before she’s well, must sicken worse.

  3. These people are slaves of arabs and we fear them more than we should. A slave will always be a cousin marrying inbred slave with his micrencepahalised brain mouthing the usual arab tit bits of information his arab masters have brainwashed him with from the manual of hate: the kuffar killing koran. I call it the k k koran. We give these idiots more credit than they deserve. Nevertheless, eternal vigilance is the only way!

  4. Just remember we as the western civilization has not even recognized there is a problem YET once that happens things will change.

  5. And they say that Islam is a religion “just like any others”.

    Bullshit. There are 270 million dead souls that say otherwise.

    Unfortunately there are more to come.

    Stop Islam now.

    Tomorrow will be too late.

    Kufar and proud.

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