Muslims Are Content Only With Victory; No Matter How it Was Obtained

Canadafreepress… In typical fashion; sneaky underhanded infiltration, then slow but steady rebellion against established authority, the always dangerous and always deceitful followers of Allah, are causing trouble once again in America, the country they love to hate.

In an American Vision article from posted by Gary DeMar on March 31, 2010 titled, “Muslim Students Want to Take Over Christian College, it was made known that these ever-complaining, never satisfied, ready to move in and try to take over where they’re not wanted; not welcomed because of their nasty habits and traits, these bad tempered malcontents were offended by seeing the words, “in the year of Our Lord” on their diplomas and they want them removed.

Ignorance and bad manners are surely at play here; well mannered guests do not make public displays or demands for changes in rock-bedded traditions that have years of standing.  Trinity University has been in existence for close to a century and one half and is a secular school belying its name that suggests perhaps a connection with a holy Trinity.

In this case the Trinity comes from the merging of three educational facilities that were facing grave financial difficulties following our Civil War and in similar fashion to our own national motto, ‘E pluribus unum’ – “out of many, one”; Trinity chose ‘E tribus unum’ – “from three, one” established in 1869.  Its secular status is the most probable attraction for the Muslims to come to the school.  Its small size, approximately 2,500 student body may have been another incentive.  Muslims prefer odds to be in their favor, as smaller campuses are easier to infiltrate and to practice ‘divide and conquer tactics.’
According to Gary DeMar, this rebellion against authority at Trinity began when a Muslim student, ironically not of Middle Eastern extraction, but from nearby Mexico and a convert to Muslim took exception after seeing the “our Lord” inscription while at the University bookstore.

As DeMar stated, “Muslims have been attacking Christianity since the inception of their religion. They’ve spotted a weakness in our system, the attempt to be diverse at any cost, even if it costs us the one thing that made this nation great—its Christian foundation.”  He goes on to explain, “Muslims understand this; many Christians don’t. Muslims call for diversity as a wedge to get in the door, open it wide enough for others follow behind, then once in pool their collective energies and force Christians out.”

So in typical American fashion, Trinity University accepted these Muslim student applicants for admission to their school unquestioningly and in good faith; those high ideals however, don’t apply equally in the reverse direction.  And again in typical Muslim fashion they seized upon the opportunity to become troublesome and disruptive in early and preliminary steps for eventual complete takeover and rule.

We in this country have witnessed such conduct before in what I consider repulsive and antagonistic behavior with the same goals in mind.  It also manifests itself in other arenas where the ultimate objectives are not as clear but it is unquestionable that they are not of a friendly nature.  Fort Hood is one example of this sort of treatment towards an American host where U. S. Army Major Malik Nidal Hasan, of Muslim faith, openly killed 13 American citizens.  The investigation is ongoing at this time.

Perhaps the Muslims do not need a reason to be so vicious and extermination-minded; just accomplishing the elimination of Christians is sufficient to placate their warped minds.  Their holy book calls for extermination of “infidels” and to them, all Christians are considered to be of that characterization.  So we should forever be cautious and on the alert for abnormal behavior patterns emanating from Islam/Muslims.

I could be very suspicious of, yet trust, an American Muslim; but I would be very suspicious of and NEVER trust a Muslim American.  The former is doing his inbred religious obligation of hating the United States, but the latter is nothing more than a treasonous traitor who has betrayed his country for selfishness.

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