The peace and tolerance of Islam

Here is a collection of photos of the chopped up and mangled bodies of the Christian peoples of Jos after Muslim invaders had finished with them. These where, to quote the Diocese, mostly defenceless women and children.

I do suggest that we peoples of the western world, wake up to what Islam actually is. The motivating force behind the worlds most racist, violent, overtly hateful and deceitful ideology now, and perhaps ever. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem made Hitler blush a little with his Jew hate and genocidal mania.

Warning: These photos are graphic depictions of the kind of inhuman horror that Islam has brought back to the earth for the first time since WW2 or the Holodomor. And in case that isn’t enough, here is a documentary on children, raised to be living weapons from infancy, Children of Jihad.

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

3 Replies to “The peace and tolerance of Islam”

  1. If by your works shall we know you, than to know Islam is as easy as reading a newspaper. No one has to read Muslim voodoo propaganda to know it. You just have to ask anyone in a country that borders a Muslim country, or live in a city in a nation that has more than about 6% Muslims.

    In the past year, I have seen the most mild mannered quiet leftist Canadians who would never dare say a bad word about any group rant and rave about Islam because well, sooner or later, experience is king.

  2. shame on you !!!!
    i red a few articles, and i sow just a hate………mixing possible facts with inside ideology which is deeply involved in creation of this site and everything written here
    after genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina you still working on it ?
    it was couple hundred miles from you !!!
    99% of things that is on this page doesn’t have anything with Islam, just like my comment
    its not normal to share hate in the public
    i hope that you going to remember old culture, traditions, values on which was based your people and country

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