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5 Replies to “Michael Coren on Geert Wilders.”

  1. Marian Meed Ward. What an empty skirt. I sometimes think that apologists and appeasers are worse than the aggressor. Michael Coren could have done better with a more intellectual, dare I say intelligent, guest than MMW. In part 2 (YouTube) she makes herself even more ridiculous.

  2. That long haired transexual is typical on the left – refusing to believe that these koranimals are a minority in spirit – the koran is pure hate as is mein kamps ( influenced by the koran) – mein kamps is banned in holland as should be the koran , Canada should be wise to ban ALL muslim immigration.

  3. That is soooooooooooooo unfair for Geert to say that he is not tolerant ! He is , religion is not and Islam is going to far. as well as othe religion we should have control on them and say not in my backyard !
    If Christianity was speaking badly I would be the first to say OUT ! But how come we can not say OUT to ISLAM ??? Why should we not have the right to push violence and hates and murders and pedophily out ???
    Maryam Myraim what ever is lost in space that women is disconned !

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