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One Reply to “EDL official press release on the arrest of the leader”

  1. At last a group that is willing to join the fight against an ideology that shows no mercy and no letting up.

    The EDL supports Israel, something that people wouldn’t expect of workign class people who have been accused of being neo-Nazis and racist. They recognize that Israel is a bulwark against the spread of Islam in the west and that the fate of this tiny country represents the fate of the free world.

    Sharia law, the Koran, hadiths and sunna of Islam are so antithetical to our way of life and ethics that the leaders in the west have no real response to these things. I would suggest that they look to what Europe did for nearly 1,000 years and outlaw the ideology and become pro-active in stopping its spread.

    The EDL is merely one out of hundreds of grass-roots organizations that are fighting, not to destroy, but to preserve the freedoms that the western world has and to reduce or eliminate the threat from an ancient enemy of freedom.

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