New feature: Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files.

Remember when saying ” it’s a free country” was actually true? In light of the fact that many of our parents enjoyed more freedom than we do today, Vlad has decided to launch a new weekly feature, Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files, reminding us of how ‘old fashioned’ rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’ irrational ideology.  The feature cites stories that only the Loony Left could manage to bulldoze into government policy without public consultation, debate or consent. We were motivated by ‘ What exactly does the term free country mean, please?’. Our top five headlines, collected from around the world, will be available every Saturday. Enjoy.

#1. From the U.K.  Equality and Human Rights Commission warns it may be illegal for schools to require girls to wear skirts (as part of uniform) as it could discriminate against transsexual pupils. (Vlad note:  this may be a problem as Islam forbids the wearing of pants by girls. No doubt that the same commission will provide an exemption for Muslims).

#2. From France.  The Tunnels for Toads Project. An animal rights protection group is urging French authorities to build specific crossings and tunnels to save frogs, toads and newts from being squashed by motorists.

#3. From the U.K.  Garden gnomes, welcome mats, pottery tortoises deemed health and safety hazard by council.


#4. From the United States.  Pediatricians urge wieners undergo ‘reshaping’ and hot dogs be affixed with warning labels.

#5. From the U.S.  Third hand smoke labeled dangerous to your health. Researchers call for a ban on smoking in homes.

Note** This story by far the worst of the lot, is the *story of the week that I didn’t have time to mention*……

From the U.K.  Father apprehended by mall security and police, accused of paedophelia and threatened with arrest for taking photo of 4 year old son on childrens’ train toy ride.

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