Editor of Uriasposten Attacked by Left-wing Radicals.

Editor of Uriasposten Attacked by Left-wing Radicals.

Translated by KitmanTV H/T Snaphanen

While covering a so-called “anti-fascist” demonstration on the town square of Aarhus a group consisting of 8-10 masked left-wing radicals assaulted Kim Møller, editor of the popular political blog Uriasposten. Kim Møller and a friend accompanying him, were both hit to the ground with bottles and kicked repeatedly, as they were leaving the demonstration they had been photographing.

The attack happened openly on the street in broad daylight in front of a big crowd.

In spite of lesions to the head and heavy bleeding, the victims seem to have escaped the attack without lasting injuries.

Free Speech Society views the incident as a horrifying assault on free speech, and the possibility of covering escalating activities of left-wing radicals and other events by the press. This assault committed by “anti-fascist” attackers, seems to be inspired by the terror unleashed by the German “stormtroopers” in the final years of the Weimar Republic, before Hitlers take-over in 1933.

The attack is the most serious example of the fascist violence, which has been allowed to spread throughout danish society in later years. Violence intended to suppress free speech, freedom of the press and thus our democracy as such.

On these grounds Free Press Society intends to contact justice minister Brian Mikkelsen, and demand that he explain, what he intends to do to fight the fascist violence taking place on our streets.

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