Ezra Levant: B’nai Brith and the ‘no terrorism Fatwa’

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B’nai Brith exposes Syed Soharwardy as a bigot

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I’ve criticized B’nai Brith before for their on-again, off-again support for Canada’s human rights commissions and their censorship laws. Here’s an example. Such support is odd, especially considering the fact that B’nai Brith itself was the target of a five-year censorship vendetta by Manitoba’s Human Rights Commission, spurred by a radical Muslim complainant.

Well last week, to my surprise, I was contacted by B’nai Brith to help them assess the propaganda “fatwa against terrorism” issued by a handful of Canadian Muslim clerics, including Calgary’s Syed Soharwardy.

I was happy to help reveal the true nature of Soharwrady. I documented for them not only Soharwardy’s public statements (his call for sharia law to be imposed in Canada; his slanderous allegation that Christian relief workers in the 2005 tsunami were kidnapping Muslim children) but also his virulently hateful websites. I pointed them to where Soharwardy repeated blood libels against the Jewish talmud, called for the annihilation of Israel, compared Israel to Nazis perpetrating a Holocaust and other statements. Besides having sifted through so much of Soharwardy’s crap on my own, I had also saved the vilest of Soharwardy’s website comments to my hard drive, knowing that my scrutiny would cause him to go back and scrub his sites of the most anti-Semitic material.

Anyways, to my delight, the B’nai Brith issued two press releases on the subject last Friday (here’s the first, here’s the second). Here is the text of them in full:

B’nai Brith Canada concerned about sincerity of Islamic fatwa against terrorism

TORONTO, January 15, 2010 – B’nai Brith Canada questions the wording and intent behind a fatwa against terrorism that was undersigned by a group of North American imams. The recently-issued fatwa, which states that “any attack on Canada and the United States is an attack on the freedom of Canadian and American Muslims. Any attack on Canada and the United States is an attack on thousands of mosques across North America,” was spearheaded by Syed Soharwardy, the president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC).

Soharwardy and his organization have a track record of disseminating antisemitic and anti-Western sentiment. Although a lot of the disturbing material has been removed from the ISCC’s website, thanks to the probing efforts of Ezra Levant, B’nai Brith was able to acquire archived copies of the offending articles and statements.

“The fact that this fatwa limits itself to terrorism in North America and predicates its anti-terror positions on the damaging effects of terrorism only on the Islamic community is quite concerning,” said Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith Canada’s Executive Vice President. “Is the fatwa implicitly saying that terrorism directed against India, Spain, the U.K., Israel, and Canadian forces in Afghanistan is somehow permissible?

“Syed Soharwardy is the imam whose complaint dragged Ezra Levant through the Alberta Human Rights Commission for publishing the Danish Mohammad cartoons in the Western Standard. We were disgusted when we read some of the virulent antisemitic and anti-Western ravings that were posted to his organization’s website – some trivialized the Holocaust, others prophesized the extinction of the Christian faith, and still others went so far as to speak of a ‘slaughter’ and ‘annihilation’ of Jews.

“What Canadians would truly like to see is for reputable imams within the Islamic community to stand up and denounce all acts of terrorism irrespective of where they occur and who the targets are. And if Imam Soharwardy wants his fatwa to be taken seriously, he needs to publicly reconcile it with the anti-Christian and antisemitic ravings that have appeared on his organization’s website.”


For more information, please contact, Dan Rabkin, Communications Officer:
416-633-6224 X 140 / cell: 416-312-9173

B’nai Brith Canada has been active in Canada since 1875 as the Jewish community’s foremost human rights agency

and here’s the other:

Danish Mohammad Cartoon Syndrome infects Canadian media

For the rest of this important article, please visit Ezra’s site here:

However, I would like to add a thing or two of my own. When the original marines signed a treaty with the Barbary pirates after defeating them (insufficiently in my opinion) that treaty contained prescribed methods of deciept commonly practiced in Islam. The text was different in Arabic and English, and the terms used, have different meanings in Islam (I used Islam as oppose to Arabic on purpose) than they do in English. I mention this because I guarantee you the clerics who signed the fatwa against terror carefully defined it for themselves in a way that does not contradict Koranic verses such as:

8:12 Asad: `I shall cast terror into the hearts of those who are bent on denying the truth; strike, then, their necks, [O believers,] and strike off every one of their finger-tips!” [15]


Bukhari (52:220)Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

In a pigskin, my point is that there was likely a little deception at least in the fatwa issued condeming terror ‘in North America’

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