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3 Replies to “L.A. council woman shows a grasp of reality”

  1. I agree with Francis. She should not apologize but keep the issue open like the Palestinians maintain their “open wound” of the eternal refugee camps. With an apology everyone is happy again and it’s back to business as usual. To every demand for an apology she should quote actual cases of beheadings and honor murders. She has the attention of the media and should not withdraw. The West needs more polititians like her who openly state the truth.

  2. Under no circumstances should Francis censor HER Facebook page. No one is forced to read it. The unnecessarily offended morons in her district can pound sand to their hearts discontent. She should continue to raise awareness in her district. If she re-runs for Lancaster Council seat ( or any other political office) I would offer my out-of-district financial support to ensure her continued success.

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