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4 Replies to “An astonishing condemnation of Canadian universities”

  1. Wow!

    1. Universities produce “an endless stream of semi literate idealogues”.

    He must be reading the guardianistas on CIF.

    2. The role of universities is far more insidious than the media.

    See 1. above.

    Professor Martin wrote an article in Law Times in 2000 concerning Bill 117. He is devastating in his criticism of two attorneys general of Ottowa and has a swipe at the Supreme Court before dismissing the media as being “..true to their devotion to promoting orthodoxy, have so far said nothing about Bill 117”.

    It’s a longish article but gives the flavour of the good professor.


    He looks really pissed off at the system in the video. Quite rightly, too.

  2. not for nothing, but having given this statement on Dec. 7th (bombing of Pearl Harbor) – may I suggest he give it again this year – on this anniversary, which also happens to be Ras as-Sana, the Islamic celebration of the new Hijri year. As good a time as any to reassert Western values with “passionate, unrelenting hostility” towards appeasing universities.

  3. This man is SO right, and it is the same with English and U.S. universities.
    I don’t know about anywhere else (but I suspect it is the same), but this marxist worm has been quietly nibbling away at English universities since the early 1930s. It had completely devoured them by the 60s, and has gone on to hollow out every institution in the country:schools, media, church,government, have all become channels of marxist indoctrination.
    The trouble is it seems to stick, and no amount of reasoned argument, or pointing out of truths seems to dent the indoctrination.
    People of common sense, and most of all, honesty seem to be in a minority, and it looks like an impossible task to reverse this, being so deeply entrenched in our institutions.

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