Interview with F. Hayek

In many posts I have referred to a situation or a tactic as being ‘Hayekian’. What I refer to, is Hayek’s idea that a group wishing to enforce its Utopian vision on an unwilling public who know for a fact that it will not work, employ the use of a ‘strong man’ like Hitler and his Nazi’s or Muslims, as the muscle to overthrow the existing order and then this group thinks it can get rid of the strong man and rule. I think the Iranians found out the hard way it isn’t that easy to to get rid of the strong man once they have power.  Here is an interview with F.A. Hayek Interviewed By John O’Sullivan around 1985 thanks to KitmanTV. You know, if Kitman decided to go into mining gems instead of videos he would be one of the worlds richest men.

F.A. Hayek Interviewed By John O’Sullivan from FEE on Vimeo.

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