Terry Glavin on CFRA Dec 22 2009

It is difficult to get people to listen to radio in a video age. And I have posted another Terry Glavin interview in the last 30 days from CBC. However this one is different and I ask Vlad’s readers to please settle back with a drink and put this most excellent, scholarly, informed and hard hitting interview about Afghanistan and Canada’s role there.

Whether you agree with the mission or not, no matter what your position this is a highly informative and important interview. Nick Vandergragt told me he felt this was the best interview he ever did.

I believe him. Terry one could argue, is Canada’s answer to Christopher Hitchens. This is a fair comparison on many levels. Both men are brilliant, have profound convictions and I might add, the courage that those convictions bring.

Terry also, being a leftist himself, knew exactly how to speak to what one might call, the new left, and how it abuses terms like The Peace Movement and so on. All this to say, this really is an excellent interview on Afghanistan and Canada’s role and I really do hope you will take the time to listen. I have edited out the commercials for your convenience and optimized it in some ways. Please feel free to download it and send it anywhere and post it anywhere you want. But please do not edit it. Post it intact. If you disgaree with Terry, please make sure you disagree with what he actually says and not what some would make him say.

Posting will be light as I am in a rather low internet zone enjoying a wonderful Christmas with some fantastic friends. I hope all of you are as well.

Have a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy all the peace, comradeship of friends and family, and human contact that make this time of year so special and important.

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Terry glavin with video from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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