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5 Replies to “Lars Hedigaard speaks of the current, “Third Jihad””

  1. I underestimated Lars Hedegaard. This is an excellent interview, although the bottle is a bit disturbing….

    He is very knowledgeable and thoughtful, not to be mistaken for the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who turned on Geert Wilders for using the image of Muhammad in FITNA, Wilders movie.

  2. I have had the privileged of meeting both Kurt and Lars and speaking to both of them at length. In fact, I have interviewed them both as well as had private discussions. Make no mistake, Kurt’s issue with copyright and his opinions of Islam in Europe are not to be confused. He is pretty much in lockstep with Geert. He just felt he should have been asked and perhaps paid for use of his image. After all, like Geert, Kurt also has had to live like a prisoner with a different cell each night. Lars also is a man with focus and purpose and it could be said that Lars nearly singlehandedly reminded Denmark of its excellent traditions of free speech (he founded the Danish Free Press Society which became the IFPS http://www.internationalfreepresssociety.org and is morphing into a larger multi national body as well) and Lars has been the front line in Denmark protecting Danish values of classical liberalism.

  3. I am not certain but I believe it was done by an excellent Danish blogger over at http://www.snaphanen.dk however I could be wrong. He did it for the same reason we watched it and as for question #3 I think you know as well as I do, the MSM will not touch this stuff unless and until it becomes safe and fashionable to do so. The MSM is utterly gutless at this time. I believe it is largely the fault of government regulatroy bodies who can destroy the total worth of a media empire with the strike of a pen for violating some kind of new thought or speech crime law. However I can’t be ertain. I do know, the MSM is a fashion fuelled machine and does nothing that is not perfectly safe. Like Hollywood.

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