Dr. Wafa Sultan speaks at Temple Ahavath Torah in Sudbury Ma.

Wafa Sultan is arguably the most courageous woman in the world. Born in Syria, trained as a physician and psychiatrist, she has lived through the horrors of Shariah Law, Islamic intolerance, machismo and Muslim subjugation of women. She has suffered personal tragedy at the hands of “The Religion of Peace.” Her latest book, A god Who Hates is currently the most cogent exposition of Islam’s tenets as a political ideology bent on world domination. Through tales of her own struggle to be free and through brilliant parable-narrative, Dr. Sultan, now an American living in California, lays out the case against not a religion but a totalitarian threat that has been euphemized by the West’s leftists and in many cases, has been embraced. This phenomenon represents a pathetic dance of death for freedom and democracy.
Speaking at Rabbi Jonathan Hausman’s Temple Ahavath Torah in Sudbury, MA a few days ago, she tells it like it is:

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