NOT a post on ‘climategate’

Readers of vlad may or may not notice that I haven’t really posted that much on what for many are the staggering implications of what is now being called ‘climategate’.

There is a good reason for that.

We have been posting on the utter bullshit of ‘AGP’ or ‘Anthropogenic global warming’ for well over a year. We have presented documentaries, facts figures and science (although many of the best videos from well qualified and respected cosmologists and climatologists did disappear from youtube often days after they where posted) and we cannot help but notice some very important and oft repeated facts:

1. NONE of the predictions by the global warming people have occurred. NONE. this means that at the very very best, their models are valueless.

2. The terms and conditions under which, spokesmen for AGP like David Suzuki or Al Gore will speak publicly, indicate at the very least that they know what they are saying is utter nonsense. This is a crime in my opinion at least in terms of ethics if not an actual breach of any criminal code. I hope they are well taken to task for the harm their lies have created as they cause warped policies that reflect no aspect of reality, costing billions and billions while not addressing any real problems such as real pollution at all. The people who may have the right to be the angriest are real environmentalists. Ones who deal with reality.

Sadly, rather than facts, evidence, logic, reason, and science it seems as if it took the hacking of some emails to get people to notice that the world is in fact colder, not warmer and that this global warming thing is far more a political project than a scientific one. I felt I had to post something. Thanks to Larwyn, here is a rather pithy and amusing video on the subject. I wonder though, within 5 years the same people or at least the same mentality is going to try and sell some other apocalyptic scenario that will destroy us all and the planet or the whole solar system if we do not give up all our freedom, end capitalism or whatever other spurious demands leftists will make on us. Will we remember? assuming of course we get out of this one in time.

I need to add this one thing as a post script.

If Global warming was true, it would be a good thing. Have a look at the raw numbers of species of all kinds at various latitudes and watch that number plummet as you move to colder and colder ones. To quote the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, “Ice is the enemy of life”

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