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3 Replies to “Richard Dawkins asks for respect for Christianity!”

  1. Pat Condell has also made truthful and positive comments about Judaism, especially on how Jews (like Buddhists) do not proselytize.

    And, yeah, if we think of how so much of what we know about arts (musical notation, painting and sculpture by the great Italian masters) and science (Copernicus, Newton and their observations and studies of what they truly believed to be God’s natural laws) has been influenced by Christianity and Judaism (see Fjordman’s ton of essays on the topic), it’s about time moral relativism were left solely to those interested in destroying Western civilization.

    Anyone who truly care for arts, science and human rights should acknowledge that timeless truth about the Christian and Jewish foundations of Western Civilization, as Pat Condell put it on his Apologists for Evil video in words that simply couldn’t have been better chosen for that purpose: “despite Western Civilization’s many failures, of which we’re all very well aware of, thank you very much, it is far better and far superior than anything that islam could ever offer us, especially if you’re a woman, a Jew, a homosexual or just an old blasphemer like me.”

  2. Proud,

    Completely agree.

    I’m glad I live in a society with a Judeo/Christian culture. It allows me to say I’m an atheist and not worry that someone feels God justifies my elimination.

    All things are not relative. Some things are better than others; some things are good and some things are bad and some things are right and somethings are wrong.

  3. The sour looking fellow with the beard finally had to say that the penalty for apostasy in Islamic countries was death. He “failed to see the connection” between the fact that death is demanded if one leaves his “faith” and the fact that children in Muslim familes are, according to him, brought up to believe a) that doctrine and b) they are Muslims. What a tool! Well done Richard Dawkins for not letting him off the hook.

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