An article on contemporary persecution of Christians.

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Cultural Genocide Against Christians

by Baron Bodissey

“One should be aware of the historical fact that Christians were the clear majority in many regions of the Middle East prior to Mohammed. And these majorities are now all but extinct.”

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated excerpts from an article by Andreas Unterberger about the current level of persecution suffered by Christians, especially in Muslim-majority countries. It is followed by a report about a panel discussion on the same topic hosted by Akademikerbund and the Political Academy.

Christians, Muslims, and Silence
by Andreas Unterberger

19 November 2009

Seldom have I experienced such a heavily attended event with such crowds of people, such emotion, such dismay. The evening’s topic: contemporary Christian persecution which has reached daunting dimensions and which, according to reliable sources and studies, has reached the highest levels in history, and which is ignored to an extent that can probably be only fathomed with the help of psychiatric analysis.

Only a few dry facts first: From China to South America, 230 million Christians are currently being persecuted for politically, culturally, or religiously motivated reasons. Last year, at least 500 Christians were killed in India during religious clashes. In North Korea, Christians have no legal protection at all and can be killed on the spot.

Coptic churchHowever, the worst situation for Christians can be found in Islamic countries. More than half of the 80,000 Iraqi Christians have fled Iraq due to countless targeted terrorist attacks. Only in the Kurdish part of Iraq can they live in relative safety. In Egypt a few media reports on the swine flu were sufficient for pogroms against the pork-eating Copts. Athanasios Heinein, the head of the exiled Coptic church in Greece calls this “cultural genocide”.

Even more harrowing are the individual reports. For example, the report about an abducted priest from Mosul for whom the parish had paid ransom, and who was still beheaded and returned mutilated. Or a report about a recent case of six male members of a Christian family who have been sentenced to death. Or another report of the abduction of Christian girls who are forcefully married and converted to Islam.

Most harrowing of all is what is happening in Europe: The total and utter ignorance of these persecutions against Christians. As soon the topic is mentioned, politicians and some pastors stiffen with fear: “Please do not say anything that could provoke the Islamic Faith Community. In any case, we all believe in Abraham.”

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