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4 Replies to “Beautifull Indian girl doing some pretty awsome rap”

  1. We break out backs on TruthTube.Tv to get the most truth telling footage exposing Islam but yet when I go to different blogs I see that nobody credits us.
    You work hard on your blog so I’m sure you understand how it is when you see your stuff being used but not credited.
    We mainly care that people see what is on our video site but rather we see people just using a mere 5% of our stuff and not ever once mentioning us.

  2. Could that be because this video was up at youtube, there was no mention of truthtube and I had no way of knowing? If you read this blog you will see I make every effort to credit everyone in the information chain. While when in a massive hurry I may miss someone occasionally, I do my utmost best to make sure all credit is given when I can. Yes also, my material is often used without credit. Recently, the British tabloid News of the World actually stole a video that a co worker of mine shot, re edited it and claimed it as their own after having edited it to make the subject, Lord Malcolm Pearson appear differently than he actually is. I made no noise about it although I probably should have.
    On this subject, sevenload.com just shut down my channel because of ‘defamation of religion’ i believe. Can I put those videos up on truthtube or is it a closed society?
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Of course you can upload your videos on TruthTube. As long as it’s online you’ll never be censored there.
    Didn’t mean to react is just that we pay so much to keep that site and we get no help. We don’t know if we can keep maintain it for much longer and so we need all the marketing we can get. I did notice you credit everyone and I apologize for reacting like that. Yes please upload anything you wish on truthtube. You can create an account with this site name to promote your site that is really good, btw.
    Yes, I’ve seen that video of Lord Pearson because Kitman sent it to me. I uploaded it on my youtube and promoted it, but FK never told me that it was you who made the video. He probably forgot and it surely was unintentional. It’s on the same channel as the video from this post. I’ll add your site to it now.

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