Todays Iran positions

Two stratfor SITREPS on various nations position concerning the Iranian nuclear weapons program. At least few if any governments are in denial about what it is at this point. To be honest I do not understand the French one at all. If it is not a typo, Iran should be holding a party over that one. Hopefully Stratfor meant to say “Is NOT out of the question….

1. Israel

Israel: All Options On Iran Being Prepared – IDF Chief

November 10, 2009
The chief of general staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Gabi Ashkenazi, said Nov. 10 that Israel is “readying all the options” to try to get Iran to end its nuclear program, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed official as quoting Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi reportedly said that Israeli “decision-makers will have to consider which paths to take.” The official said Ashkenazi added, “If the Iranians understand they will have to pay a steep price, it wouldn’t be illogical or unreasonable to say they may change their current direction.”

2. France

France: FM Rules Out Military Option Against Iran

November 10, 2009
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Nov. 10 that the military option against Iran is out of the question, if talks regarding Iran’s nuclear program are not resolved quickly, KUNA reported, citing France’s Inter Radio. Kouchner said it would be a catastrophe to resort to the military option and efforts are being made to avoid the use of force. He urged returning to the U.N. Security Council in December to discuss sanctions.

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