Accused Canadian terrorist Harkat allowed to roam, Federal Court Judge rules

From The Ottawa Citizen.

Court lifts some bail restrictions on accused terrorist Harkat

Canwest News ServiceSeptember 21, 2009 12:27 PM
Mohamed Harkat, a former pizza delivery man, was arrested in December 2002 on the strength of a security certificate that accused him of being a sleeper agent for al-Qaida. Harkat denies the allegations.

Mohamed Harkat, a former pizza delivery man, was arrested in December 2002 on the strength of a security certificate that accused him of being a sleeper agent for al-Qaida. Harkat denies the allegations.

Photograph by: Chris Wattie, Reuters

OTTAWA — In a surprise move, a Federal Court judge has removed most of the bail restrictions on accused terrorist Mohamed Harkat.

Monday’s ruling allows the terror suspect — who was first arrested on a security certificate almost seven years ago — to travel alone within the city and ends the constant surveillance he has been under since his release on bail.

Harkat is still not allowed to use a computer or talk on a cellphone.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service contends Harkat, 41, a former pizza delivery man, is an al-Qaida sleeper agent.

Harkat, who came to Canada in 1995 and applied for refugee status, has always denied any connection to terrorism.

Security certificate provisions allowed authorities to detain and deport non-citizens considered national security threats.

Harkat’s wife, Sophie, said in an earlier interview her husband is eager to understand what foreign agencies are involved in the case against him.

“No matter where the information comes from, we want to challenge it,” Sophie Harkat said in an interview last month.

Harkat’s defence lawyer, Norm Boxall, said his client needs to understand what allegations and evidence flows from foreign intelligence services.

“Harkat can’t respond to things he doesn’t know,” he said.

In June, Canada’s border agency engaged in an unauthorized intelligence-gathering exercise, rather than a legitimate search, when it raided Harkat’s Ottawa home, a Federal Court judge has ruled.

Judge Simon No’l said Harkat’s constitutional right to privacy was seriously breached in last month’s raid, which featured 16 law enforcement officers and three dog teams.

He ordered the agency to return all material seized in the May 12 raid and to destroy any photocopied documents.

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  1. Canada is a joke. Read this and notice there are over a dozen complaints about this pair to the RCMP, Toronto Police and York Regional Police. Documented complaints at that.

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    “This “charity” have received money derived from scams from the following people:

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  3. Most likely the very same Afarin Maleki-Raei. We have people in our Toronto group researching and monitoring the family. They are clever bunch of terrorist. Afarin Maleki-Raei seems a bit mentally ill though. Most likely a manic depressive. She gets so bold and insane that she gets into frenzies of online postings, telephone and air mail fits and once the heat gets too much she disappears back into the cave she comes from and re-appears a few months later.
    We have a friendly in Metro check out the family and it seems they make frequent trips to Iran and have some relatives (under Maleki and Hafez-Amini) who are high ups in the military and religious establishment in Iran (this can be confirmed from public Iranian records). She also has sisters (Fariba Maleki, Forooz Maleki, Farzaneh Maleki etc.) who have made numerous and suspicious trips to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    Their financial records are ridiculous and the sheer number of interactions (censored) with the York Regional Police is outrageous. In fact, York Regional Police offers zero co-operation when trying to get something done on these people. We are contact with people who state there may even be a romantic relationship between a Detective Maurizio Gentili and one of the sisters. An inside officer (same guy who detailed the Derek Cadieux cover up- Google that name) tells us this same detective has destroyed and fabricated evidence to make real serious hate crimes disappear. Afarin Maleki has also thrown the name “Detective Ian Mason” around and stated to online fellow terrorist friends that they are “close friends” with Detective Ian Mason (unconfirmed).
    As I said , the terrorist ploy they have going is sophisticated and very clever. They portray themselves as “regular Canadians” who are not affiliated with extremist groups however many people who are close to them state otherwise. Even more disturbing is the fact that they may be reporting Iranian-Canadians to IRI authorities for anti-IRI activities. Both Afarin Maleki and her mother Fatemeh Hafez-Amini make frequent trips to Iran with ease (if anyone travels to Iran you will know the difficulties Iranian-Canadians are given). The suspicion with some is that the mother delivers “names” to the authorities outlining anti-IRI activity in Toronto. In other words they “rat” out Iranian-Canadians to the IRI.
    The well runs deep with these guys. Worse is trying to get the York Regional Police to move on it. You will be met with unrealistic and very violent resistance from some “un-named” Detectives. It’s ridiculous. However I suspect the heat is high right now especially after a recent transfer of money from Fatemeh Hafez-Amini to a very nasty group in Iran that was tracked by USA authorities. This nonsense of Afarin Malek-Raei’s rabid pro-terrorist rantings can be traced back to 2003 online and who knows how long elsewhere. Only in Canada…..

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    Afarin Maleki

  5. Hi Grace, I’m contacting you on behalf of Moe Behroozian. He’s a small business owner whose reputation online has been damaged by these comments left by Jen Katz(The first comment on this article posted on October 5, 2009 at 10:50 pm). Jen’s comments are false and he has a personal vendetta against Mr. Behroozian and we would really appreciate it if you could delete Jen Katz’s comment in this post. If you have any questions, please contact me. We’d really be grateful for your help.

  6. I don’t know if Moe Behroozian is a terrorist but I do know he despises America. He’s a traitor. Takes free loans and scams millions of dollars but trash talks the country at every chance he gets.

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