Who’s your daddy?

From the Telegraph U.K.

Muslims ‘mass producing’ babies to take over Africa, says Nigerian Anglican leader

The new leader of the Anglican church in Nigeria believes that Muslims are “mass producing” babies to take over Africa.

By John Bingham
Published: 9:42AM BST 21 Sep 2009

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, from Nigeria

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh believes Christianity is under attack

The Most Revd Nicholas Okoh, who believes that Christianity is under attack from Islam, was elected primate of Nigeria earlier this month, making him one of the powerful figures in Anglicanism.

Nigeria, where the Anglican church has 17 million adherents, is split between Christianity and Islam.

The country has been riven with religious strife in recent years, notably in the predominantly Muslim north.

In a sermon in Beckenham, Kent, in July he spoke of African Christians being “surrounded by Islamic domination”.

In extracts quoted by The Times, he said: “They spend a lot of money, even in places where they don’t have congregations, they build mosques, they build hospitals, they build anything.

“They come to Africans and say, ‘Christianity is asking you to marry only one wife. We will give you four’.”

He went on: “That is the type of evangelism they are doing: mass-production, so if you have four wives, four children, sixteen children, very soon you will be a village.”

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the Nigerian army, Archbishop Okoh was in 1979.

As Archbishop of Nigeria’s Bendel Province, he was one of the prime movers in the Gafcon meeting of conservative Anglicans in Jerusalem last year.

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  1. In this article the writer notes that “But his promotion could increase tensions at a time when Anglicans are working to build bridges with Muslims”.
    This leader came on board recently and rather than improve relations, he is already spreading accusations and rumors. Everybody in Africa knows that Traditionalists, Christians and Muslims in Africa can choose to be polygamous. He thinks he can fool the European crowd all he wants

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