Swedes reported arrested in Pakistan

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The Swedish embassy in Pakistan is investigating media reports that three Swedes have been arrested by the Pakistani military.

“According to information from Pakistani media, three Swedish citizens were involved but that has not been confirmed by Pakistani authorities,” said Ellinor Lundmark, press officer at the Swedish foreign ministry.

“Our embassy in Islamabad is investigating the matter and we are waiting for information from the Pakistani authorities,” she told Expressen newspaper.

The Swedes, along with seven Turks and a Russian, were reportedly arrested a week ago in the country’s eastern province of Punjab, reports Expressen.

A head of police has said on the Pakistani television chanel Press TV that the men are suspected of being connected with the al Qaida terrorist network.

No information has thus far been confirmed to the Swedish foreign ministry.

“We have to wait and see what the embassy finds out,” Lundmark said.

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