Muslims smugle heroin in Korans. Surprise! NO RIOTS!

In the past few months, riots in several countries resulting in many deaths and millions in damages and other costs have resulted from mere rumors of ‘desecration’ of a Koran such as in Greece and most horribly as an excuse to savage a Christian community in Pakistan.

Again, from simple rumors of treating a Koran in other than a holy manner, tearing it or spitting on it etc. resulted in large riots, deaths and damaged property including burning many homes to the ground.

How about the nonsense that resulted from a US soldier who was alleged to do target practice on a Koran he found in a garbage can. Or the ‘Koran down the toilet’ nonsense.

I am willing to bet anything there will be exactly no riots or anything other than mere lip service and probably not even that, from Muslims about using Koran’s to smuggle heroin.

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From Sky News:

12:48pm UK, Thursday August 20, 2009

A man and his mother-in-law have been arrested for attempting to smuggle thousands of pounds worth of heroin concealed within a copy of the Koran.

The KoranHeroin bags were found hidden in the pages of the Koran

Custom officials at Jakarta’s international airport seized the book, the religious text of Islam, as it arrived by DHL express mail delivery from Cambodia on Tuesday.

Their suspicions were raised when a routine X-ray of the parcel exposed a series of holes in the book.

A closer inspection revealed 60 grams of heroin secreted in four small plastic bags near its front and back covers.

Police valued the hoard at 600 million rupiah, or £35,000.
Bag Of HeroinStash was valued at £35,000
Maman Sulaeman, head of customs at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, said an Indonesian man was arrested soon after the discovery.

“He claimed that he was just a courier and that he did not know the contents of the package,” Mr Sulaeman said.

The suspect’s mother-in-law, thought to be an accomplice, was also apprehended.

The pair, from Jakarta, are now being held by the Indonesian National Police.

Under the country’s tough narcotics law, they could be sentenced to death if found guilty of attempted drugs smuggling.

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  1. Go figure, these muzzies. If a muslim smuggles drugs in their “holy” book, no big deal, but if a non-muslim smuggles drugs in a koran, muslims want to start cutting heads off.

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