English now minority language in parts of England.

This may be the single most stunning example of mismanagement on a national scale of ones people language history and culture. Thanks Jdamn for the tip.

English-Speaking Kids now Minority in Inner London Schools (Undhimmi.com)

There are now ten primary schools in the UK where there are no pupils who speak English as their first languageThere are now ten primary schools in the UK where there are no pupils who speak English as their first language

Children who speak English as their first language are now a minority in inner-city London primary schools, official figures showed yesterday.

Youngsters with a different mother tongue form a majority in primaries in 13 out of 33 London boroughs and in nearby Slough.

In inner London, 54 per cent of primary pupils and 48.5 per cent in secondary institutions do not speak English as their first language. This amounts to an astonishing 159,340 children.

Across the country, English is a foreign language to more than one in seven primary youngsters – almost half a million.

The figures from the Department for Children, Schools and Families point to the major demographic changes over the past few decades. Around a fifth of pupils are from ethnic minorities – up from 11 per cent in 1997.

There are concerns that school finances are under strain as growing numbers of youngsters require help with English.

[School] Heads’ leaders have urged the Government to fund schools adequately and give fair treatment during inspections to those with large concentrations of non-English speakers.

The figures show there are 14 council areas in which primary children with English as their second language are in the majority – 13 London boroughs and Slough.

In Tower Hamlets almost four out of five youngsters do not have English as their mother tongue. In other areas, including Leicester, Luton and Bradford the proportion is approaching 50 per cent.

For primaries overall, 15.2 per cent are non-native English speakers – up from 14.4 per cent last year.

The figures indicate that many recent migrants have settled in London. The lowest populations of youngsters with English as a second language are in the South West and North East.

The figures also read like a roll call of areas with high Muslim populations (see foot of article)The figures also read like a roll call of areas with high Muslim populations (see foot of article)

Sir Andrew Green, of the Migrationwatch think-tank, said: ‘These figures confirm the huge impact immigration is having on our society.

When Government funds are as tight as they are, this is bound to have a negative impact as children with English as an additional language will need extra tuition.’

He added: ‘In inner London it’s hard to know who immigrant children are supposed to integrate with since they heavily outnumber local children.’

The figures reflect a five-fold increase in immigration since Labour came to power. Net immigration has increased from 48,000 in 1997 to 237,000 in 2007.

A DCSF spokesman stressed that the figures ‘only indicate the language to which the child was initially exposed at home, irrespective of whether they speak English fluently later on. It is only a relatively few recent arrivals for whom communication problems are acute.’

‘We are increasing funding in the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant to £206million by 2010, to bring students weak in English up to speed. We also equip schools to offer effective English as an Additional Language teaching for new arrivals.’

Yesterday’s figures also showed that the recession has brought the first rise in four years in the number of children qualifying for free school meals.

We are deeply concerned with recent and current levels of immigration into Britain. Twelve years of a socialist Labour government have left areas of the country unrecognisable. The marriage of convenience between Labour, who know that immigrants tend to vote for them; and the amoral greed of sections of the business world, which desires ever-cheaper and less-regulated labour; have turned parts of this great country into unrecognisable third-world ghettoes.

As our raison’d’être is to report on and work to end the Islamification of the developed world, it’s also revealing that almost all of the areas highlighted in the Daily Mail’s graphic above have a very high Muslim population (we categorise ‘very high’ as 10% or more*):

  • Slough: (13.4%)
  • Inner London: (11.7%)*
  • Leicester (11%)
  • Luton (14.6%)
  • Bradford (16%)
  • Birmingham (14.3%)
  • Blackburn w/Darwen (19%)
  • Outer London (6.5%)
  • Manchester (9.1%)
  • Oldham (11%)
  • Sandwell (4.6%)
  • Peterborough (5.7%)
  • Kirklees (10%)
  • Coventry (4%)
  • Rochdale (19.1%)
*Against a national average of 3%.
**Note: Newham, which is currently not included, is applying to be included as part of Inner London. It has a  Muslim population of a staggering 24%.

These are extremely conservative figures, as they are taken from the UK National Census of 2001. There will not be another until 2011, when the results should reflect a further  substantial increase in immigration in the intervening period.

A clear inference from the data is that this government’s ‘hell-bent-on mass immigration’ policy is causing further damage in areas already identified by themselves as problematic in terms of community cohesion.

They are clearly not listening to their own advice. What a shameful legacy this awful Labour government, with its shambolic, unelected leader, will bequeath to the nation when it is finally and unceremoniously booted out of office at the next General Election next year.

God help the incoming administration.

[Main story: Daily Mail]

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4 Replies to “English now minority language in parts of England.”

  1. One could imagine a headline in the New York Times saying that children in inner-city New York Schools in 1920 spoke predominantly Yiddish.

    I am sure I get the point of all this.


  2. Fred

    I’m wondering where you’re going with your comparison?

    London in 2009 is not like New York in the 1930s. Are saying that we should be relaxed that there are boroughs in East London and further up-country that are now almost indistinguishable from Bangladeshi slums, with Sharia enforced both de fact0 and de jure; and Bengali the lingua franca?

    You don’t think we should find that disturbing?

  3. I might add, that schools where Yiddish was the main language probably had a lower crime rate and a higher scholastic achievement record than the rest of NY schools at the time. So the comparison is pretty disingenuous. Is it necessary also to point out that The USA arguably was a nation built on immigration from peoples who had a similar desire in life for liberty and pursuit of happiness, while England is the land for which the English language was named? To see English become a minority language in the very birthplace of English is a cause for concern. At the very least a sign of Britain’s utter inability to preserve or defend it’s own culture. I doubt at any point soon, we will see the works of Shakespeare and Churchill or any of the great English litterature taught in the educational academies in the KSA, Egypt or Somalia. To see it vanish in the UK’s main cities is cause for concern.

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