Member of ‘Toronto 18’ pleads guilty to plot to behead and terrorize

The interesting thing to note  in this case I feel is the fact that at least two of the Toronto 18 had wives who where ‘graduates’ of the ISA schools within Ontario where women are taught to be Jihad brides and encourage men to Jihad. Things my dear freinds here in Canada are much worse than most know. There is a true fifth column of Islamic terrorists in Canada by any defintion of the term with serious and active plots and plans and an entire infrastructure, much of it run on Government multiculti handouts with intentions of implementing sharia and Islamic supremacy on Canadian citizens. Here is another link on the Toronto 18 case:

Eeyore for Vlad.

News Toronto & GTA Toronto Sun:

Guilty plea in terror plot

22-year-old member of Toronto 18 admits to playing role in plan to attack T.O. targets

Last Updated: 6th May 2009, 5:59am

BRAMPTON — A member of the so-called Toronto 18 has pleaded guilty to his role in a terrorist plot to bomb downtown Toronto targets.

Saad Khalid, 22, of Mississauga, is the first adult member of the group rounded up in a massive 2006 terror sweep to plead guilty.

Nine adults are still facing trial.

Last fall, the lone young offender to go to trial was found guilty.

Shortly after the unexpected guilty plea was entered Monday in Brampton court, a publication ban application was made.

Lawyer Ryder Gilliland, who represented the Toronto Sun, CBC and Toronto Star, fought the ban and late yesterday Judge Bruce Durno dismissed the application.

While Khalid entered a guilty plea, the court has yet to make a finding of guilt or register a conviction. The case resumes on June 16.

Khalid, and other members of what was dubbed the Toronto 18, was arrested in June 2006 and charged with terror-related offences. The then 19-year-old was picked up at a warehouse with another man and charged with knowingly participating in or contributing to the activity of a terrorist group, receiving training in terrorism and intent to cause an explosion.

On the day police stormed his parents’ house, he had told them he was at a job fair.

At the time of his arrest, neighbours along Khalid’s quiet street in Mississauga were shocked.

A former business student at the U of T’s Mississauga campus, Khalid moved to Canada with his parents from Pakistan at the age of eight.

He graduated from Meadowvale Secondary School, where he had started an Islamic Club and led Friday prayers in the drama club room.

Khalid’s plea is another shock for supporters of the Toronto 18.

In September, a judge ruled the only youth still to face charges was guilty of terrorism. Sentencing arguments for that case are expected later this month.

Superior Court Justice John Sproat delivered that landmark verdict, saying he was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the men and boys swept up more than two years ago were engaging in terrorist activity and the youth on trial was consciously working to help the group carry out their plot to “cripple Canada” with plans that included storming Parliament, beheading the prime minister and bombing government buildings in Toronto.

“The purpose was to intimidate the public and politicians in order to secure a change in government policy and release of Muslim prisoners,” Sproat said at the time. “(The youth) was the eager acolyte who regarded (one of the ringleaders) as a friend and knowledgeable mentor.

“(He) by his own admission was highly motivated to adhere to the principles of Islam. Unfortunately, (the group leader) was his mentor and perverted those principles.”



Key events in the case of the terrorist suspects known as the Toronto 18:

– December 2005: A dozen people attend a 12-day military-style camp north of Toronto, which the Crown alleges was for terrorist training.

– May 2006: Group attends second two-day camp near Guelph.

– June 2, 2006: Police carry out a series of raids in the Toronto area and arrest 10 men and five youths. Two other suspects are already jailed in Kingston. One more is arrested in August.

– June 6, 2006: A lawyer for an adult suspect says outside court his client is accused of planning to storm Parliament, behead the prime minister and attack a number of sites.

– June 27, 2006: The two youngest suspects — they were 15 and 17 when arrested — are denied bail.

– July 13, 2006: Mubin Shaikh, a prominent member of Toronto’s Indo-Canadian Muslim community, reveals he worked as a paid RCMP informant.

– July 14, 2006: A teen suspect is granted bail, making him the first of the group to be released.

– Jan. 16, 2007: Preliminary hearing begins for four youth suspects.

– Feb. 23, 2007: Charges are stayed against the youngest suspect.

– July 31, 2007: Charges are stayed against two other youth suspects.

– Sept. 24, 2007: Federal prosecutors move to stop the adult suspects’ preliminary hearing and go straight to trial. Charges are stayed against the accused, then charges are reissued, resulting in five suspects facing additional charges and three each having one charge dropped.

– March 25, 2008: Trial begins for suspect who was youth at time of his arrest. He pleads not guilty.

– April 15, 2008: Crown asks for stay of proceedings against four of the adult suspects.

– Sept. 25, 2008: Judge finds youth, now 20, guilty on a charge of participating in a terrorist activity.

– March 24, 2009: Judge finds RCMP informant didn’t entrap youth in the months leading up to his arrest.

– May 4: Saad Khalid pleaded guilty to his role in a terrorist bomb-making plot.

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