White French man robbed and beaten in France on public transit.

This is an extraordinary video sent to me by the excellent blog Point Du Bascule. Here we see an indigenous French man robbed then mugged and called Filthy Frenchman on a French public transit system by Muslims. In fact this is clear anti white racism by immigrants. This video was pulled from youtube several times already. Must be seen.

***The young police officer who posted the video on Facebook (to show his friends the difficult conditions in which they have to work) has been suspended. He will soon appear before a disciplinary board. Those commenting are sympathetic to the young police officer, saying the scandal is in the fact that authorities did nothing until it was posted on the internet and spread wildly.***

The video embedded from RUtube is in such demand its buffering and hard to watch. This should run smoothly:

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Here is more solid information just received from EURSOC:

This is the video the French authorities don’t want you to see. An unprovoked attack on a young passenger on a Paris night bus by a gang of savages, likely from one of the dangerous banlieue around the capital.

Passengers who tried to intervene were themselves attacked.

Warning: It is disturbingly violent.

The assault was recorded by bus CCTV. A policeman posted the video on a Facebook site: He has been arrested and suspended from his post. The authorities fear the video is being used by right-wing sites to stir up fear about racist violence by black and arab youths against French citizens.
French authorities have been demanding the removal of the video from blogs and video hosting services.
The President of the Paris transport authority RATP has described the video as “a crime in which the RATP is the victim: Unbelievable. The same transport President Pierre Mongin described the bus driver’s conduct as “exemplary.”
The delegate for Sud-RATP, the hardline union for Paris transport workers, said that the violence was unexceptional for late-night services. What is exceptional, he added, was for the public to see the images. “Who broadcast this video on the internet?” he demanded, “the victims, the aggressors, the driver and the other passengers did not choose to be put in the public eye in this way. It’s unacceptable.”
According to the union, extreme violence is unexceptional; invading the privacy of the aggressors, however, goes beyond the pale.
At one point in the video, the victim is called “sale français”, “dirty French.” The same insult was used by casseurs who mobbed student protests two years ago, mugging and assaulting youngsters taking part in demonstrations against the government.
Charles Bremner writes in the Times that attacks like this are becoming increasingly frequent: night bus drivers warn that if you can’t get a taxi after a nightclub, you are better off waiting until morning rather than risk public transport.
Three youths have been arrested following the incident.

**** Below see a screen cap of a machine translation from a French news site****

French officer suspended for showing recording of vicious beating

French officer suspended for showing recording of vicious beating


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20 Replies to “White French man robbed and beaten in France on public transit.”

  1. unbelievable and disgusting. Serves them right! i mean those stupid frenchmen who made it possible, they should have thought before they’d let savages in their country

  2. this is why i am always armed now

    For i know what Islam is
    and i dont care if you dont like it

    But islam is evil and the liberals
    never will defend your right NO
    for they are too busy defending
    The Islamic Nazis

  3. I am a non-Muslim minority but this is what you get when you are soft on Muslims. It seems violence is the only thing they are good at. The French equivalent of the KKK should find these animals and send them to Allah.

  4. John if I was a non muslim minority in any western nation I would be wanting to mobilize all other non muslim minorities to rally against Islam as fast as possible. Really. Because if a backlash comes it may not be discriminating and hence won’t look much different from Islam. I believe its crucial that all especially visible minorities in Western nations (non white) organize and stand with indigenous Europeans against the threat of Islam to the world and now.

    In this way, we can get the politically correct left on side with fighting the jihad as they tend to listen to immigrants and governments will know they can count on your support. So please, organize, and fight. Things are reaching a level where the cure may well be as bad as the disease. Join pro Koln or BNP or PVV or whatever party is standing up for classical liberalism in your nation and help.
    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Where is our collective spine? How much longer are we going to allow these Islamic bastards to abuse, threaten, terrorize, and kill us?

  6. The policeman who posted this should run for office. He is the only french government official, I am aware of, willing to tell the truth. The concealment of the situation started under Chirac, and apparently continues.
    This is old news to many Americans. The outcome of an attacks such as this will be much different here.
    This is also the reason we have an ammunition shortage in the States.
    As to the citizens of France. I am so sorry you willingly gave up your ability to defend yourselves. You gave up your country with the same stroke.

  7. He should run for office. If they ever let him out of jail. And I agree about self defense. If ever there was a nation that should understand the relationship between individualism and the right to self defense, it should be France, who made and gave the statue of liberty to the United states as a symbol of individualism and freedom.

  8. Ahh! The tolerant and multicultural French people! The French are notorious for thier lack of courage and spine!
    This is agood reason why I’m always armed and ready to put back in place any of those “disturbed/under-priviledged minority victim groups” or believers of the “religion of peace”. Sorry frinchies but you lost your country!!

  9. I was planning to buy a place in Paris until I recently discovered the Muslim immigrant mess there. Sometimes Paris traffic is so bad one is forced to use public transport, and I will NEVER subject myself to a situation where I have to beat the shit out of one or more of these little pricks and then face a dhimmified French justice system.

  10. I was in Paris a few years ago and during my week there, I saw 4 arrests being made of violent youths in different parts of the city. They usually roam in packs of 4 and more. One arrest took place at a very busy subway and although the 2 guys arrested were in handcuffs, they still managed to kick the policemen and spit on people passing by. France is gone to these dogs and Sweden too.
    Kudos to the policeman who brought this attack to light.

  11. It’s funny how mahoundians/A-rabs never have the guts to face a man in a one-on-one fight, isn’t it? Those gutless pigs only go one-on-one against women.

  12. The EU wants everyone intergrated for their own benefit and it doesn’t matter who suffers. Cultures and people are not equal and don’t intergrate well. People should demand to live and work with only their own and seperate themselves from different cultures. The French Govt, like the rest of Europe, are seperating themdselves from the people and forming a true seperate upper class. Don’t be a fool.

  13. I wanted to send this directly to Vlad, but I haven’t found an e-mail address to do so (I’m sorry if I’ve missed it if it’s available.) Here’s an update on this story. THE VICTIM SPEAKS OUT and displays enormous SYMPATHY FOR HIS ATTACKERS:


    “After the tremendous outpouring of comments and furious reactions relevant to the attack in the night bus (known as the “Noctilien”), readers will find the following testimony by the victim himself to be either politically correct to a shocking degree, or a refreshingly honest statement from a 19-year-old student who does not want to make a mountain out of a molehill. At any rate, those were the two main reactions of Le Figaro’s readers.

    My own reaction is one of amazement at the level of indoctrination manifest in the remarks of the young man who took the bus that night, who was clearly beaten up by thugs, and who, without quite going so far as to say he is grateful to his attackers for what they did, comes so close that he might as well testify for the defense should the case ever go to court. Having skillfully mastered “official thought”, he talks as if he would gladly testify for the prosecution in the case against the police officer who released the video.


    Some Internet sites affirm that racial insults were hurled at you…

    – Personally, I heard nothing of the sort. These remarks, if they were made, were the consequence of my attackers being drugged or drunk. Moreover, they were not all immigrants. The video of my attack appears to be stereotypical, in view of the fact that that night I was wearing “bourgeois” clothing, and I was face to face with four young people who were making lots of noise. In no event do I want to be regarded as the symbol of a certain social image who was attacked by foreigners. I did not take it like that. Furthermore, one of the assailants in an overcoat, shaven, had very white skin…


    – This story came back to you like a boomerang via the Internet…

    – Yes. On April 6, a friend told me that a video had been put online at Facebook. When I saw it, I was going to ask the person who had posted it to withdraw it. I didn’t realize it would be broadcast on such a scale…

    – This broadcasting of the video seems to have upset you as much as the attack.

    – It’s true that the situation is very difficult, very delicate. Many friends were shocked by the widespread circulation, which hurts me. To spread images on the Internet is very serious because it jeopardizes part of our legal principles. There was a serious amalgamation between the reality of the scene and its representation. This video was circulated at extremist sites and has been exploited by politicians. Now, I do not wish to be exploited. The subject is apt to generate radical ideas and I have no desire to encourage that. I had to get out of this reductive caricature. To be brutally at the center of a polemic of this magnitude is never pleasant. This hurts me greatly, since I had managed to overcome the event itself. I’m leaving Paris without hatred, in order to find some peace with my family.

    Note: The young man’s statements are worthy of closer analysis. The school he is enrolled in in Paris – the famous and very “progressive” School of Political Science is also an issue, as is the possible influence of the school’s president on the manner in which the young man answered the questions. Le Figaro’s readers touch on these topics in their responses (there are already 689 of them). I will try to deal with these questions in later posts.

    The question is: was he told what to say, did he instinctively know what to say, or does he really believe what he said? Also, if he is now under some kind of police protection, can he really talk against the government?

    The circumstances of his departure from Paris aren’t clear.”

    U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!! What on Earth is wrong with this idiot???

  14. hahaha typical french. too pussies to fight back or help a fellow man.
    they didnt fight in ww2 and they sure dont fight now.

  15. This is a very good example of integration problems in France.
    My question is why the government do not do anything? At the same point, what can we expect from a government who is responsible for the mass immigration to France?

    Protect the European culture and traditions, be proud of being European.


  16. Nick:

    If your mother has 9 kids and one of them is a delinquent, does that mean you have to take in the thieves and muggers and criminals from everyone else’s family?

    Just wondering.

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