Somalia: Islamists rape, and impregnate, Canadian captive

0823Somalia_Missing_400big.jpgFrom Jihadwatch:

Desperately missing home

And demand 2.5 million as ransom. Here’s another arrangement: Instead of returning the Somali-Canadian terrorist just arrested back to Canada, Somalia can keep him and return in his stead these captive Canadians to Canada. Something of an even swap.

Canada returns the “Hawiye kidnap Canadian journalist is pregnant,” from TFSF, April 8 (thanks to Patrick Poole):

MOGADISHU –Amanda Lindhout, a Canadian journalist who was abducted by habar-gidir .. hawiye al-shabaab wing gunmen in the Somali capital Mogadishu about eight months ago is reportedly pregnant after she was apparently raped by her abductors.Sources say the Canadian journalist Amanda and an Australian photojournalist are being held by the militia in the northeastern neighbourhood of Suqa Holaha habar-girir hawye Terrorist neighborhood in Mogadishu. The abductors have demanded $2.5 million of ransom from the two journalists to release.

Amanda and the Australian photojournalist once escaped from a house in Suqa Holaha neighnourhood and entered a mosque near by, but they were recaptured again. militia who kidnapped the journalists claims they are al-shabab Terrorist Hawiye wing . Some reports suggest that one the abductors made Amanda as his wife

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