Danish PM speaks in Turkey on the Danish cartoons.

Very interesting speech here by the Danish prime minister, now also the European head, or secretary general of NATO. For those who do not know, the US and Germany where quite adamant on having this man as NATO head and Turkey had demanded anyone else. Rumors upon his appointment surfaced on his confirmation for the job that he would apologize for his support of Denmark on the publication of the now infamous Danish cartoons lampooning Mohamed etc.

He did indeed speak in Turkey on the matter. But he also spoke on Danish culture and freedom of the press. He was not adamant on either side, but one gets the sense that he was using some terms as Muslims may use them. That is to say, he knew they heard one thing while he may have meant another. All is not lost for Denmark. While I would have liked to have heard him say more clearly that rights are for individuals and not for groups and certainly not groups based on common beliefs, he did not exactly cave either. Here it is below. Judge for yourselves.

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  1. Sorry VT I do not agree with you. To me he sounds like an appeaser. People will do and say anything to get a posting of high status. I will go with my first instints and say that he will be a puppet on a string for his muslim overlords. Wait and see.

  2. Wait and see of course is all we can do. The world is in a tough spot. Turkey is in ascendancy. Europe can’t let them in, nor can they deny them membership to the EU which we both know would be a dress rehearsal for a catastrophe. Turkey wants to be a player and can and will be. It could be argued that the cartoons was a screen for what they really wanted, which is more influence in NATO and Europe. Everyone likes to use Islam to everyone’s detriment for thier geopolitical ends. It works badly for everyone but the Islamists and even for them but they don’t recognize it. Turkey got what it wanted, a humble looking Europe and special administrative assistants to the Euro head of NATO. the only good news is the real command stays in US hands.

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