The actual UN resolution on ‘defamation of religion’

Below is a PDF of the actual UN resolution up for voting at the general assembly. Most of the language is innocuous and seemingly harmless. Much of it however states what the real goal is. I think when reading this, it’s important to realize that the Organization of Islamic councils, the 57 odd Islamic states that sponsored this resolution, have no intention, nor will they ever have any intention, of obeying it in the manner we would expect by its wording. That any attempt to remove incitement to genocide against the Jews for example in Saudi and other Islamic nation’s school text books would be seen as defamation of Islam as this is central dogma to Koran and the hadiths etc. In other words, while the west would have to be sure to criminalize any criticism of Islam, it’s followers or any action by Muslims in the name of Islam we may view as anti social or anti progressive, Muslim nations would be safe from these laws as they would in fact, be practicing Islam by breaking these same rules.

Classic Al Taqiyya. Nearly identical strategy to the peace deal signed by the Marines under Jefferson at Tripoli where the English one said one thing and the Arabic one said quite another.

human_rights_council_resolution <—- Here is the actual document as a .pdf

To be clear, this document if passed, would put pressure on all world governments to pass laws making any criticism of Islam, its actions and teachings as criminal, while it would make no difference in the Islamic world at all when it comes to tolerance of secularism, homosexuality apostasy or conversion from Islam to other faiths or tolerance of non Muslims within Muslim and ultimately any nation.

It is also no accident that this is in front of the UN general assembly as it warms up for the Superbowl of antisemitism, Durban II in April.

Please see the excellent Christopher Hitchens video on this matter as he appeared on US national TV as well as any of the dozen or so posts videos and articles on all points I refer to.

To quote the most excellent movie ‘Life of Brian’…

“Something is actually happening Reg”

Perhaps it might be worth noting that the enlightenment and all rights freedoms and even technology we have came about by the hard won right to question the authority of the irrational Catholic church. To see it all end by the newly minted authority of the umma through the UN and other institutions presumably designed to preserve and increase world wide freedom, would be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

Perhaps this is why so few seem to fight it. It is so huge, we resist seeing it for what it is.

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