Luton and Islamic infiltration of the UK and it’s institutions

Here are some videos found on Lionheart. It’s worth popping over there and reading the commentary. But these videos are also somewhat self explanatory. I especially like the first one. A known Muslim terrorist who worked security at a British airport
It seems as if Luton is a center for Islamic thuggery and contempt for British culture. Perhaps a reader from Luton might care to add some comments below.

Here is a video of a planned attempt by the UK to map out where the worst of Islamic extremism is. Best of luck on that guys. If it didn’t work in L.A, it really can’t work in the UK despite being the most watched Orwellian state on earth. Political correctness in bureaucracy government and the public combined with the degree of infiltration in the UK will sewer this plan before it can get anywhere. If the baggage screeners at the airport are known terrorists….

Lastly, here is a report on the UK and internet Jihad also from Lionheart. I recommend reading this one yourself at the source and checking the links. A sample is below…

I have had the privilege tonight of seeing a leaked Home Office document that outlines a question to the Secretary of State for the Home Department asking how many extreme Islamic websites based in Britain have been shut down over the last 5 years because they contain material that incites or glorifies terrorism.

The answer to the question is NONE

Copy of letter: Written No. 410

Anybody who knows anything about the violent Jihad that is being waged against all non-believers in Britain will know that the internet is the No.1 tool for recruiting, and radicalising Moslems to violent extremism (‘terrorism’ in other words). It has been stated many times now by different military sources, that the internet is as important in the hands of Al Qaeda as the AK47 assault rifle.

So, that being the case, the British Government should draw a line and target extreme Islamic websites to stop the spread of ‘violent extremism’ in Britain. Instead, they have ploughed millions of pounds of tax payer’s money into combating violent extremism in local Moslem communities, in the hope that it will turn young Moslems away from the violent parts of their religion. The reality is that the ‘violent extremism’ they are seeking to combat, starts off in the comfort of Moslem’s own homes whilst sitting comfortably at a computer, like you are now, visiting websites like or for example…..

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