French blogger persecuted for posting opinion on Islam

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French citizen prosecuted for expressing his opinion on website

By Adams • on March 6, 2009

On July 17, 2008, French citizen Fernand Cortes de Conquilla was taken into police custody over the contents of his website “Pilori.”   On January 13, 2009 he received a suspended 3-month sentence and 2,000 Euro fine for expressing his views on Islam and immigration in his native France.  He has appealed his conviction with a hearing scheduled for June 9, 2009.

The following is the story of his prosecution in his own words.  Great thanks to Gaia for translating from the original French:

I am the founder of Pilori, an internet site which is what it is and is moreover very honourable. This site is hosted abroad since February 2003.

On July 17, 2008, I was taken into police custody under the fallacious pretext that Pilori 2008-07 of July was considered an apology for racism and incited racial hate and I was thus ordered to appear at the correctional tribunal of Montauban in connection with this on September 30 and on November 18, 2008. After several postponements of verdict on the 6 and December 16, 2008 and January 6, 2009, I was condemned on January 13, 2009 to 3 months of suspended sentence and 2000 euros fine, which I immediately appealed (this hearing has been scheduled for the Appeal Court of Toulouse on June 9, 2009).

On November 18, 2008, the gendarmes rendered me unable to attend the Magistrates Court to explain my case, by molesting me, throwing me to the ground and roughing me up. I sustained several head injuries which required my immediate hospitalization for several days and the after-effects remain to date. An action against the State is in hand against the actions of the Gendarmerie.

The most important and interesting points are:

– what is said, written or stored on the Pilori site (both my own writings and from other contributors) is a negligible part of reality: Pilori is like the tip of an iceberg which shows only approximately 10% of what is happening? Pilori reflects less than 1% of reality relating to the misdeeds of islamist immigration afro-asiatic in particular!

– Pilori is simply a mirror of this reality without any influence on the latter which is the actions of the individuals concerned, named, mentioned or designated: they are what they are from their own will and not mine or that of Pilori;

– the facts reported on Pilori are moreover already public knowledge and accessible on various media both in France and abroad;

– the reality described in July 2008 on Pilori has worsened each month since, and it will continue to worsen unrelentingly as long as drastic measures are not taken against the immigrants in question whatever their recent nationality of kindness;

– Pilori does not propagate anything. It is simply information stored in a site abroad and it does not transmit towards any place or Net surfer. It is up to each Net surfer to initiate and make the effort to connect itself to this server and seek Pilori there. They have to make the effort to search pages of the most effective web directories and search engines such as Google for example to discover the facts and the important objective information contained on Pilori!

– until July 2008, Pilori was moderated by me from my portable PC. This was seized by the gendarmes at the request of the authorities of Montauban. From then on all its contents were on the server. I was therefore no longer able to moderate Pilori which was radicalized as from August 2008 by the operators abroad;

– if Pilori fulfills a necessary task of reporting objective and wholesome information on the Net surfers and thus non reprehensible information unless the truth is declared guilty; many independent and patriotic politicians, civil servant and magistrates say the same thing just as do many citizens. Thus these legal proceedings simply results from the manifest will to stifle my freedom of expression, of opinion and thought as recognized by the universal declaration of the human rights signed in Paris in 1948 and regularly ratified by France and this probably at the request of a very influential town Councillor because of his membership of the hidden masonic mondialist cabal. It is obvious that the political regime that I am fighting tried to silence me under the most fallacious pretexts and even prevented me from returning to the hearing of the magistrates’ court of Montauban on November 18, 2008 thanks to a gendarmesque operation involving serious trauma and a hospitalization of several days;

– Pilori is not concerned whether one race or ethnicity is superior, equal to or inferior to another. This is not Pilori?s concern and does not interest it. In fact the only reason for Pilori to evoke and point out the problems of immigration lies in the impact which results from it against the government and the republic, tyrannical, of torture and liberticides;

– this is why my computer was seized on July 17, 2008 in order to prevent me from expressing myself and to allow me to prepare my defense and it has still not been restored to date; – it is also why I was violently handled and thrown to the ground by the gendarmes on November 18, 2008 resulting in head injuries and several days of hospitalization in the hospital at Agen;

– Pilori is a place of plurality of opinions and thoughts where both French and foreigner express themselves, Christians, Jews and Moslems, in all confidentiality.

– As regards the follow up and legal operations, you will see what it is advisable to do. I draw your attention however to the fact that the search for alleged offences extends over very a long period going back to the beginning of January 2007 with in particular a well-known document lodging a formal complaint against well-known individuals which the Gendarmerie have not followed up. But there exists a statement dated September 27, 2007 drawn up by the OPJ Adjudant Isabelle FORGUE of BT of Valence of Agen indicating that the remarks made on Pilori do not represent any penal offence made relating to racial hate, or racist, homophobic or abusive remarks. Consequently it is strange that this letter known since January 2007 and reported on Pilori 2007B should only become problematic in July 2008? is 9 to 18 months later.

Moreover, it is proper to continue actions against the State because of the behaviour of the gendarmes of Valence d’Agen on November 18, 2008 for compensation for physical and moral damage sustained.

The following is the URL that instigated Fernand Cortes de Conquilla’s arrest and summons to court (in French):

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