Geert Wilders party now polls as #1 !!!

Geert Wilders party seems to have surged to the number one spot in Holland according to the polls. If an election was formed today, Geert’s Peoples Freedom Party would be the largest party in the Netherlands allowing Geert to make the coalition. This, is truly fantastic news.

From Free Republic:

Latest poll: Anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders surges to become largest party of The Netherlands
NOS Dutch Public Broadcasting, – De Hond ^ | 01 March 2009

Posted on Sat Feb 28 20:27:28 2009 by dutchiepat

00:58 01 March 2009 Freedom Party largest in survey De Hond

The Party for the Freedom of Geert Wilders is according to a survey of Maurice de Hond the largest party if elections were held now. It is for the first time that in a survey the Freedom Party obtains most of the seats.

According to De Hond Wilders’ party would get 27 seats, one more than the conservative Christian-Democrats (CDA). The PvdA (Labor-Socialists) stands according to De Hond at 21; Liberal D66 is with 19 seats the fourth party.

Since the Court of Justice ruled six weeks ago Wilders should be prosecuted, the Freedom Party surged with 10 seats. Wilders also came in the news because him was denied the access to Great Britain.

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Photo of machine translation from link above

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15 Replies to “Geert Wilders party now polls as #1 !!!”

  1. Fantastic News! Common sense prevails. Now if only Geert could do something about the Labour Government in the UK…

  2. Good News. Hope Geert Wilderrs succeeds in throwing the demoniac Islamic scum out of Europe preferably into the Mediterranean.

  3. Great stuff! I am not normally a supporter of the Right, and certainly not of the “Far Right”, but this is about more than that. Especially since my country, Britain, the “cradle of democracy”, “mother of parliaments” and all that historical baggage (!) is the only country IN THE WORLD as far as I understand it which has banned Mr Wilders.

    The Brown Government has also banned FREE SPEECH, but many people in my country are too busy chatting about the weather to notice.

    Will link this page to my blog, which seems to have morphed before my very eyes.

  4. Dear Blair supporter:
    I find I have to point this out quite often thanks to the ignoble efforts of the MSM.
    Geert Wilders is a classical liberal. He is the farthest thing from far right one can have.
    The day someone can find me a video of a far right politician or any far right wing person stridently defending homosexual rights or minority rights for all including jews, support for the state of Israel as a democratic state even when unfashionable to do so, and for individual rights and liberties is the day I will call Geert WIlders right wing. The main stream press has attempted to label him as such to mildly link him to the Nazis. The nazis are the ones who befriended Islam (many converted to it) and exterminated Jews homosexuals gypsies and other minorities. Please Blair supporter, have a look at Geerts policies and look up classical liberalism or Jeffersonian liberalism and rethink your position. Geert is a model center leftist by 1960s standards.

  5. Blair supporter I do not mean re think your support of Wilders obviously he needs and more importantly deserves our support. But rethink your assessment of him as ‘far right wing’

  6. Eeyore,

    Apologies, apologies …

    Re “rightwing Wilders”

    You see! Even I have been taken in by the Press and the British Labour Party’s propaganda.

    I have not studied the politics of the Netherlands (my time constraints and short-comings, not yours). But I really did not doubt for one moment that he was of the Right.

    I feel a new post coming on.

    Would appreciate any links in English, you can send me to use in explaining his party’s political stance.

    All the more amazing when you think of this:

    It is mainly the liberal left who run our newspapers and the BBC!

    It is mainly the liberal left who subscribe to civil/human rights!

    It is mainly the liberal left who fill the government’s front bench!

    Just shows you that labels are not universal.

    AMAZING deception going on here.

    (And if you knew my political past you might wonder how I was so easily taken in!)

  7. The MSM overall seems caught between literal existential fear in the sense that owners and employees have admitted occasionally in interviews that if they express the facts or the truth, that they have been threatened with death for themselves and or their families and of course, governments which in the case of broadcast media, have the power to instantly devalue all assets of the company (merely by suspending their licenses) to zero should they say something which while true, violates some complex thought and speech law which so many nations now have. The result is predictable, Newspapers are far more likely to publish truths which Islamists may not like, as they are not typically under the jurisdiction of broadcast regulators such as the CRTC in Canada or the various US and UK equivalents. Laws such as exist in Holland, most notably laws of ‘non escalation’ force broadcast media to actually surrender any film to government of actual newsworthy events should it create an impression unfavorable to Islam in particular. I refer of course to the destruction of the mural painted in Rotterdam of the angel with the caption ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ in memory of Theo VanGogh. Dutch broadcasters where forced to surrender film to the government when the government took down this mural at the request of Muslim authorities who found the idea that they should not be able to kill whomsoever they wish, offensive presumably. As the govt. has laws against knowing the facts, they leave it up to us to make assumptions. I cannot think of any other reason Muslims would demand this mural to be removed. In any case, the issue is that the MSM now is a tool of the enemy and precisely because we all while sleeping allowed these levers of power to come into existence imagining that they would or could never fall into the wrong hands. is my essay on this issue.

  8. This is fantastic news! Anybody know when the next Dutch election will be held? I hope Wilders goes after all the arselifters and their dhimmi supporters!

  9. I’ve noticed that the MSM, in their typically lazy and imprecise manner, have generally characterized the United Kingdom as having banned the entry of Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders because of “his unacceptable views”, or some similar formula.

    To be clear, the British Immigration authorities didn’t actually say anything abut his views. British politicians have argued against his views, statements, opinions, etc., but the actual reason given for denying him entry was because his physical presence would threaten some mythical social cohesion.

    In other words, they are treating him like a bug, or a virus, and implying that an “organ” of the host body’s reaction to him would cause disease to spread.

    That “organ” is, of course, the Muslim parasite, which is, in fact, the more seductive virus. The Wilders virus would infect the host with “excess” common sense and rationality. The problem is that that parasite set up residence in the host before Wilders attempted to visit, and the British host cannot tolerate two threats at the same time.

    It’s also been reported that Wilders’ party is now leading in the polls, and could perhaps form the next government.

    They may be leading in the polls, but I very much doubt they’ll form a government soon.

    Apparently they could win 27 seats now, but there are 150 seats to be won. They’d have to form a coalition, but right now it’s more likely that other parties would form a larger coalition.

    Ultimately it’s the Queen’s decision, as Head-of-State, to name who should form a government, and she’s a great admirer of the Dogs of Allah, and aa nemesis of Wilders.

    AP, 2007.12.28: “Geert Wilders, the right-wing leader of an anti-immigration party, sharply criticized Queen Beatrix’s Christmas Day speech, saying it amounted to ”multi-culti nonsense” and demanding she limit herself to cutting ribbons. He said the speech, written by the prime minister’s office, was a thinly veiled attack on his party.”

    Pro- and anti-monarchists should consider that the Danish Queen angered Muslims when she attacked the Islamization of Denmark.

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 2005.04.15: “We are being challenged by Islam these years – globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy. We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.”

  10. Good news indeed. Sometimes politicians get the desired result by publicity at the wrong time. Geert has won many supporters by his bold stand. It reminds me of the case how Salman’s Satanic verses gained international popularity and fame because of one stupid censorship attempt by Khushwant Singh, a ‘respected’ journalist from India, who himself holds liberal and blasphemous views on may things. Strange indeed are the ways of the world. Khuswant thought he was being pro-active and wanted to save India from communal conflagarations. But dim-witted that he was, he doled out free publicity to Salman who later went to live royally under govt expense and got knighted later. I am not comparing Geert to Salman, but wanted to underscore my point that whem Society / Govt takes some steps to censor (than allowing things to pass) the exact opposite happens.

  11. Congratulations from the UK Geert – you are our hero.

    On one level I wish they had let you in, on the other I see that your exclusion has been a triumph for our common cause of defending European civilisation, a magnificent publicity coup.

    You have also, thank God, contributed to the downfall of our wicked government. When we are rid of our corrupt politicians, and the Islamists have been sent back to the countries they belong, there will always be a welcome for you here, my brother.

  12. I can’t wait to see the end result, and especially, how will other European countries react later…

    Anyway, from now on people seem to have gained the courage to stand up for their values and end this disgusting submissive attitude…

    We have been living within a slave mentality, we sacrifice our values for a just few more minutes of comfortable peace, even knowing the inevitable consequence…

    This man combines the genuine European values of tolerance and respect, with the balls necessary to MAINTAIN that tolerance…

    Those who don’t like him is because he has 3 things they don’t, he has a brain and a pair of balls!

    He is a Dutch Churchill! The last guardian!

    Go Geert, my best wishes from Portugal

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