Video of march for sharia in UK

Well it was a lot more lame than I expected it to be. Thank Thor for small mercies.

As far as I can tell they didn’t even smash a Starbucks this time.

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Here is an earlier video of the organizer of this march speaking on his views on England and Islam

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Choudery speaks on the Islamic concept of innocence

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One Reply to “Video of march for sharia in UK”

  1. Hasn’t somebody told these fools. They’ve already got Sharia Law in MY country.

    They seem to have got the message that we weren’t impressed by the London riots – I mean – demos – after Christmas. Still this kind of demo still sickens me, well behaved FOR THEM, or not. They toning it down to appear reasonable since it is LAW (Sharia Law) they are supporting. Don’t be fooled.

    Would you go to Pakistan/Saudi Arabia/Iran and march for English Law? Now be reasonable … be honest … of course you would … if you weren’t likely to find your head separated from your body for doing so, as these idiotic fools would find out in many Sharia Law lands.

    SORRY. I don’t like it. NOT ONE BIT in my country. The land where Wilders is not allowed to enter or speak freely. I resent these … pe … whatever they are …

    And if you have to be told by Allah how to “go to the toilet” your brain is seriously under-developed. Come to think of it, that explains a lot.

    I have a nice idea for Geert, btw, at my latest post:

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