Links for Feb. 28th 2009

Here is one that seems to be below the radar. An Iranian working for a Florida nuclear facility had his home raided by the FBI. Now I wonder why that might be. More on it from FOX news

Speaking of below the radar, Vlad has been reporting for some time now, and may be one of the first blogs to mention Russian renewed flights over Canada and England and so on of their TU-95 turbo prop bombers. Apparently Canadian C-F18s where scrambled to intercept and escort Russian bombers out of Canadian arispace on the day of Obama’s visit. The link is from the National Post. Nice pics of the TU 95s and the F 18s as well.

Here is an interview about the fellow who decapitated his wife in Buffalo recently. He was on the radar of authorities well before he became an extreme hair stylist. So to speak.

Here is a link to a strategy analysis of how various Islamic groups operate. This explains CAIR nicely among other groups. The intention to ‘normalize’ Islamic beliefs and practices in order to have them be adopted by increments. Its working rather splendidly in the UK.

Here also is a good article on the horror that has become of the Swat Valley. If you read it, I hope you will spare yourself just one thought. “It can’t happen here.” It has happened here whever here is, it IS happening here, and it WILL happen here.

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