Interview from CFRA with David Harris of INSIGNIS and formerly of CSIS Feb 21 2009

Here is the audio of a 2 hour interview with Nick at Night from Ottawa’s CFRA. This is an excellent interview by a member of the inteligence community who spoke about various threats from Islam in the west and infiltration of various institutions as well as Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

He also exposes the true agenda and numbers of the ‘immigration industry’ as being a fraud as it is a net loss to Canada to import hundreds of thousands of people with a mean average age of sixty five and many of whom need expeonsive medical care and take social benefits.

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For technical reasons, this player requires video to play an audio clip. I just used this goofy picture of a classic Muslim jihadi setting his own coat on fire while attempting to burn an American flag. It isnt connected to the interview in any way. But I hope it does provide a moment of amusement.

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