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Below are a few links. The first is a video I must confess I myself did not watch. I link to the site which offers it and it suggest you do not watch as well. I respect and agree with the logic of them posting it. To pretend this is not happening does not make it not happen. Perhaps its better to be aware of the horrors being perpetuated before they are endemic than see them in black and white movies after they happen to millions scored with a cello in a minor key. Maybe if we see now, we act and stop it. Is it possible to change a historical cycle with foreknowledge as we surely have, or is Mark Twain right when he says that history does not repeat, it rhymes.

Here it is, a beheading in Somalia for apostacy. Someone decided they didnt want to be Muslim anymore and so where excruciatingly beheaded while bieng filmed.

Here is a link to Jihad watch about an Afghan diplomat who beat his wife for fifteen solid hours. A Muslims beating his wife sadly is not news. I think most of us know enough about Koran at this point to know that in orthodox Islam, women are not technically people at all and so are treated worse than animals, as typically animals are bought and valued. Much as in the days of the building of the canals in New Orleans, black slaves where not used to do the work as malaria killed so many. So they used the Irish instead. No one had to pay for them. However I post this story because here on VTB there is a continuing thread about the new Afghanistan we are fighting for, and paying for and of course, dieing for. I often have a difficult time distinguishing between modern Afghanistan under the Karzai government and the Taliban except for the degree and frequency of brutality. But the failure to remove political Islam from the constitution of modern Afghanistan makes the exorcise in my opinion, utterly pointless. The fact that this particular Afghan diplomat happened to be in New York makes it that much worse. One would imagine Kabul sending someone like this to Saudi where his actions would be applauded. Search Vlad for several other stories of people being sentenced to death for merely questioning Islam and one wonders why we are there at all at this point. Why not leave a not on a rock that says any more terrorist training centers and we use a tactical nuke on it. Do what you want to each other till then. Iraq appears to be a great success as the last election showed, where people elected a much more secular government. However pre Baath, Iraq was a democracy. It has some history as such.

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