More anti starbucks activities by the useful idiots of Islam

The city of Ottawa, capitol of Canada had a nice winter festival mostly for kids in a large public park on Feb. 2 2009. Starbucks was there to offer free hot apple cider and other drinks to children in the spirit of community relations and mostly just to add to the festive atmosphere of the event; Giving free drinks to kids, Hot chocolate apple cider and so on. A woman approaches and begins to plaster all of the large containers of drinks at the Starbucks with boycott stickers naming Starbucks as well as Coca cola and other well known corporations.

VTB has written before about the rumor mill and how Starbucks has received so many calls claiming that they fund the Israeli amred forces that they have issued memos to all stores saying how to handle this nonsense. We have seen in Europe how protesters have specifically targetted Starbucks for vandalism and destruction. I guess the leftists have decided that after a hard day of trashing Starbucks they like to go to McDonalds for a snack so have decided to stop trashing those franchises.

The manager asked her to stop and started taking down the stickers and the protester asked for them back telling him he wasn’t allowed to throw them out and she was going to ‘recycle’ them. She then informed the manager that Starbucks was funding the I.D.F and that they must be boycotted. She then stayed at the booth and tried to kill the fun of the festival for the kids by ranting on about Starbucks. Of course, the left really wants to destroy all large corporate entities as they see them and Islam wants to take our system down any way it can, and Starbucks which may have been started by a Jewish person is an enemy of Islamists for that reason alone. Typically Islam and the left collude for their one main common goal. The destruction of the west. It doesn’t matter to either of them that they have opposite visions for its remaking.

It would be wonderful if Leftists in the western world would study the revolution in Iran. Almost certainly they would not get the point. That Islam uses leftists as a tool to destroy societies and then promptly jail or murder their leftist allies. But it may make them experience a tiny bit of remorse that little bit faster when they ‘win’.

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