Venezuela closes jewish schools. But that’s not the real story. Iran is.

Chavez’s Venezuela typically scapegoats jews as part of his program of populism. Many times Chavez has had one form of armed security or another raid Jewish community centers and organizations looking for weapons. So far none have been found and Chavez has appeared as a guest on virulently anti semitic TV shows in Venezuela. This story out of the J post is about how schools have been closed by Jews in Venezuela out of fear of protesters but I believe the real story is in this paragraph:

The rabbi said the latest incident affecting the

Jewish community was the decision by the government to expropriate ownership of a large mall that was built by a Jewish businessman outside the San Bernadino district in Caracas.

The fact that the Government of Venezuela is arbitrarily expropriating Jewish owned business presumably because they are Jewish owned should mean that anyone generating wealth in Venezuela should be very concerned. It never stops there. Frankly government expropriation of private business alone should be a four alarm.

Normally the actions of a tin pot populist dictator is more entertainment than news in any real geopolitical sense and the world normally does treat Latin America that way. But Chavez’s close ties with Iran both ideologically and it would appear, militarily also raises concern levels. As posted here on Vlad a day or more ago, a large shipment of goods from Iran to Venezuela was stopped by Turkey due to suspicions about the nature of the materials on board. (another link to the story is here) As an isolated case it is meaningless but added to all the actions by Chavez in the past few years, his visits to Iran and his expressed support of all of Iran’s goals, Chavez’s multiple attempts to change or ignore the Venezuelan constitution for his own aggrandizement and increase of power, the list is too long for this piece. Essentially Chavez’s Venezuela is worth watching as a geopolitical threat to Western classical democracy and values.

There is no question in my mind they will factor heavily into Iran’s plans as do some of the Mexican drug cartels, also having been found to be allied to Iran’s proxy, Hizbolah. (Here is a piece linking US cigarette and other contraband smuggeling operations connected to high level Hizbolah operatives as well.)

Chavez has made no secret of his loathing for the US and his propaganda campaigns to appear morally superior by supplying cheap or free heating fuel to Northern US Americans. Again as a stand alone thing, mildly amusing. Add to it his treatment of diplomatic staff each time one of his policies backfires or an event takes place in the world that he does not agree with and we see an agenda at work that may present a real issue for North America sometime not so far away.

Vlad Tepes predicts that Iran will tip it’s hand in 2009 and that Venezuela will be found to be one of the face cards in it.

Below please find a video making connections between various criminal activities within the Americas and Iran’s proxy Hizbolah

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This video was part of a report done in 2005. The objectives and ties between Venezuela and Iran and its proxies have advanced a great deal since then. I will augment in future posts as I find them. This site has links worth following even though they appear dated, some will link to newer sites.

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