Canada’s clear non relativist support of Israel in this conflict

Last night (Jan 8th 2009) I attended an information night in Ottawa Canada where two members of the Canadian government of Stephen Harper’s conservative party spoke as well as the ambassador from Israel. One of the members was John Baird, minister ot transport and Pierre Polivere MP.

Both spoke well but Baird was impressive. I did not bring my recorder last night but John was clear not only in his support of Israel but what I feel is more important, his condemnation of relativism. To paraphrase him, ‘while all killing of children is a crime, we view the murder of children in Gaza as the fault of Hamas’ referring to the tactics of human shields by the Palestinians.

In fact this recognition of the tactics of terrorism and using the baited death of children as a propaganda tactic for war is ultimately a very good thing for the world as a whole. Perhaps if other nations stop buying into relativism and recognize publicly this tactic for what it is, the tactic will lose its usefulness and children will stop being killed. I view Baird’s statement as humanitarian. France and other nations too afraid of their own Muslim immigrants to make a clear statement of principle, (and you can be certain they are in possession of the facts) are merely encouraging Hamas fighters and other terrorists to seek the deaths of their own women children and non combatants as a propaganda tool against those who they would destroy.

Perhaps the Canadian government is beginning to lead the way out of the western worlds lazy slide into post modern relativism. What a fantastic thing that would be.

The Globe and Mail newspaper also demonstrates Canada’s position on the use of children as shields or to put it as one Israeli did last night “The Israeli’s build bomb shelters for their children. The Palestinians use their children as shields”

Ottawa blames Hamas for civilian deaths at school

Harper government’s staunch support for Israel stands in sharp contrast with international reaction to incident

OTTAWA — Canada’s Conservative government says Hamas is responsible for civilian deaths at a UN school where Israeli mortar fire killed at least 40 yesterday, arguing they have used civilians to shield fighters.

The Harper government says a ceasefire can work only if Hamas not only stops rocket attacks but permanently disarms, maintaining a staunchly pro-Israel position as many other Western nations pressed for an immediate ceasefire.

The Israeli military operation in Gaza has now killed more than 660, including an Israeli mortar blast yesterday at a United-Nations-operated school in Jabalya, northeast of Gaza City, where at least 40 were killed. Six Israeli soldiers and four civilians have been killed.

Canada’s junior foreign minister, Peter Kent, said that despite sketchy details on the school strike, it is clear that Hamas “bears the full responsibility for the deepening humanitarian tragedy.

For the rest of this article please visit the Globe and Mail.

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