Some links Jan 3 09

Here is a really well done article from powerlines blog. I think though that it should be clear from the 06 war with Hizbulah that its mostly Reuters which is absurdly biased and not necessarily the media as a whole. But he does make a good case for overall bias.

Taliban announces sharia law on areas of NWFP Pakistan. No music movies or women allowed out of the house except for medical emergencies. Maybe Canada can send in some comandos disguised as Buddha statues.

Excellent article from gates of Vienna on how the UN treats Russian actions against Islamic towns. It’s especially funny when Russia begins with “You just cant reason with Islamic terrorists”

Vaclaav Klaus president of the Czech Republic and current EU chair explains to the UN that Israel is fighting a defensive war.

Some video of the religion of peace rally in Toronto. The police escorted away the non anti Israel people who where non threatening for ‘their own safety’. I must say Canada disgusts me at times. Safety over anything at the expense of all freedom and meaning.

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